Top 10 Programming Languages

In 2020, businesses without web and mobile solutions are like fish without water and oxygen! The world is getting smart day by day. And on regular basis automation, AI, and blockchain are taking more places in our modern life. Do you know who has been in the heart of these technologies and advancement? God? No! The answer is programming languages. Already there are 600+ programming languages that we can use today yet new ones are on the way to enter the practice with excellent features. Thanks to these awesome programming languages that with their help, developers have provided us with lots of effective web and mobile solutions for both amateur and business needs.

Programming languages are the main stuff when we want to develop an application for business needs. Nowadays some languages are making the developers gaga and some languages are making them irritated. In recent years we have seen that some programming languages are getting the ultimate spotlight and some are just removed even from the green room. At this point, knowing the top 10 programming languages can be a great help for both developers and business owners to stay updated. In this way, a developer or a business owner will be able to know the ideal as well as effective programming languages to satisfy their application development needs.

Today, we at Vyrazu Labs will provide you a complete list of the top 10 programming languages that you can actually use in 2020. Our listed programming languages are mainly new system-level programming language and they will surely keep you up to date with the emerging trends-

Top 10 programming languages for the future: Java

Java is one of the oldest and in-demand programming languages in 2020. It is owned by Oracle Corporation. In the earlier days, it was the only primary language for Android application development. But after the entry of Kotlin, the scenario has changed a bit. Java comes without any platform-specific dependency and that’s why a large number of developers simply love this language. With this language, developers can effectively follow the WORA rule- ‘Write Once, Work Anywhere’ rule. Now, this excellent programming language is everywhere and also the demand for expert developers is becoming high day by day. 

Reasons to choose Java

  • Java is popular because of its excellent scalability as well as portability across the various platforms from the mainframe data centers to smartphones. 
  • Its amazing set of features comes with strong memory management, backward compatibility, high performance, and top-notch security. And all traits are very much needed for modern businesses. 
  • Presently Java is present in more than 3 billion devices. New frameworks of these programming languages are also becoming popular day by day such as Struts, Spring, and Hibernate. 
  • We have already mentioned that Java is a platform-independent programming language and this is the best reason to choose it.  It lets developers write the code once and use or reuse the written code anywhere at any time. 
  • Java comes with lots of in-built security features in order to keep the application highly secure. There are lots of in-built security features but among them, authentication, cryptography, and access control are the top position holders. 
  • Apart from this, Java also comes with a quality set of APIs. getting quality APIs free of cost is without any doubt a great help to reduce the application development cost. It provides quality APIs for I/O, networking, XML parsing, and database connection. 

Top 10 programming languages for the future: Python 

According to experts, Python is the fastest-growing high-level programming language. It has won the recognition of ‘Programming Language Hall of Fame’ by TIOBE 2 years back. According to experts, Python is used for developing different kinds of applications. It’s easy to use, easy to deploy nature and expeditiousness are simply making this language a perfect way to create scalable web solutions. We can call it a perfect technology stack in order to create applications like Pinterest, Survey Monkey, and YouTube. Apart from this, there is another stunning fact and that is- it is a perfect rather prime choice for the deep learning and Machine Learning app development process. 

Reasons to choose Python

  • It is an object-oriented programming language and supports structured programming. It is able to support various programming paradigms just like other modern programming languages. Apart from this, it also comes with automatic memory management and a dynamic type system. These features are simply making this language more useful, futuristic, and convenient in order to create large as well as complex applications. 
  • Python actually supports a host of operating systems. So, now we can say that we can use this language when it comes to run codes on specific tools with the support of any recompilations. So, recompiling the codes is not needed here for making the alterations as well as checking the result of changes. 
  • Python is an open-source programming language and that’s why it is able to offer cost-effective software applications. 
  • By using the Python frameworks such as Django, Pyramid, Bottle, Cherrypy, and Flask, a developer will be able to simplify as well as speed up the web app development process. Apart from this, it also comes with a robust as well as a large library.

Top 10 programming languages for the future: JavaScript

Just like CSS and HTML, JavaScript has also contributed a lot to build the internet. It is a feature-rich and object-oriented scripting language. It is also known as the language of web developers around the globe. In 2018, it was the first position holder in the list of top 10 in-demand programming languages. But in 2019, it has experienced a little decline in its ranking. But according to expert developers, it is still one of the best programming languages for both frontend and backend services. When it comes to developing interactive web pages, exhibiting dynamic content, and making a fast and smooth transaction from the web to mobile platforms, 67.8% of developers will choose a language like JavaScript. 

Reasons to choose JavaScript 

  • JavaScript is a cross-browser compatible option. I mean it is supported by a lot of modern web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. 
  • JavaScript comes with a wide library and frameworks and makes everything easy for web developers to create large and JavaScript-based web applications. Some JavaScript based frameworks such as ReactJS, AngularJS, EmberJS, etc are popular for helping in the development of highly interactive as well as professional web applications. 
  • Even without using any kind of specific tool or program, you can easily write the JavaScript code. Just a notepad is enough to write the JavaScript code. After that, you can use a wide number of editors to recognize the mistakes in the code. Those editors will help you to reformat the code as well as allow you to find the bugs and errors. 
  • JavaScript is also known as an interpreted programming language yet it is able to simplify the development of complex web applications. Apart from this, developers can also use JavaScript libraries when it comes to creating DOM boundaries. 

Top 10 programming languages for the future: C++

C++ is another highly popular programming language that expert developers are absolutely in love with, in 2020. It is known as a general-purpose, object-oriented, and hybrid app development language that you can easily use in 2020. According to some developers, this language is actually a superset of C. C++ is a stable programming language and comes with a wide ready to use library choice. Its extensive library support and speed are simply making this language the best in the whole community. This object-oriented programming language simply let the programmers write fast as well as portable programs. 

Reasons to choose C++

  • C++ comes with rich library support. In its Standard Template Library, there are multiple effective functions that actually help in writing code within a very short span of time. There a developer will actually get several standard libraries for different containers like maps, sets, hash tables, and so on. 
  • When latency is a vital fact to consider, many expert developers prefer to use C++. Its compilation and execution time is really faster than any other general-purpose programming languages out there. 
  • It also supports pointers at a great level and you know that pointers get widely used in programming. There are some programming languages that do not support pointers but with the C++, you do not have such problems actually. 
  • According to experts, C++ is more hardware compatible than other programming languages. So, it will be very beneficial for those areas where we need software to get closely coupled with hardware. 

Top 10 programming languages for the future: C#

C# is created by Microsoft and developers consider it as one of the most powerful programming languages out there. We can call it a useful option in the entire Dot NET framework. It is not only a powerful but also a flexible programming language that offers a comprehensive programming foundation. The foundation is applicable to Objective-C, Java, PHP, and more programming languages. Some programmers also say that C# is actually a perfect blend of Java and C++. But the creator Anders Hejlsberg said that the language is more like C++. 

Reasons to choose C#

  • C# comes with a quality set of libraries and it makes compilation and execution super faster than any other programming languages available in 2020. 
  • Several popular websites like Dell, Bing, Market Watch, Visual Studio, and so on have used this programming language for several backend operations. 
  • It uses Xamarin and .NET like frameworks for the development of games and other mobile applications. 
  • Microsoft’s .NET framework and C# are mostly used to successfully design effective web forms, windows applications, and so on. 
  • According to experts, this language is highly suitable for applications that are based on Android, Windows, and iOS platforms. 

Top 10 programming languages for the future: Swift

Swift is a general-purpose and open-source programming language that a lot of developers use around the globe in 2020. Six years back Swift was created by Apple. Safety, performance, and software design patterns were the most important facts while Apple was developing this general-purpose programming language. According to expert developers, it is a great alternative to Objective-C in order to write applications for Mac and iOS platforms. They also say that Swift is highly influenced by Ruby and Python. Swift is beginner-friendly as well as fun to use programming language. 

Reasons to choose Swift

  • It does not require a lot of codes! And that’s why switching from any other programming language such as Java, Python, JavaScript, and so on to Swift is completely hassle-free. 
  • Swift comes with some amazing features such as better readability, dynamic libraries, speed, and so on in order to ensure error-free applications, reduced app size, and improved overall app performance. 
  • It comes with two major frameworks such as Cocoa and Cocoa Touch and they are really helpful when it comes to successful application development. 
  • Swift has been used in a lot of iOS applications such as WordPress, Mozilla Firefox, Sound cloud, Flappy Bird Game, and so on.

Top 10 programming languages for the future: Golang

In the world of programming languages, it is the recent comer. Golang is created by Google. Golang is an open-source programming language. It is becoming more popular day by day because of its ability to create secure as well as productive software applications. According to expert developers, Golang is a perfect blend of object-oriented and functional programming languages. 

Reasons to choose Golang

  • Golang comes with a wide range of inbuilt tools to make the development process easy and hassle-free.
  • It is a beginner-friendly programming language. It is easy to learn but it also creates extremely powerful applications. 
  • It has been optimized by Google in order to become more memory efficient. Apart from this, Golang also has blazing fast speed. 
  • It offers high performance like C++ and C.
  • Companies that depend on distributed systems, they prefer to use Golang as it allows multithreading at large. 
  • Many popular projects such as Hyperledger blockchain, Docker, Hugo, Kubernetes, and so on have been created by using this programming language

Top 10 programming languages for the future:  Scala

Scala is a popular name when it comes to selecting the functional as well as an object-oriented programming language. It is a high-level programming language according to a lot of expert developers. Scala is basically a highly scalable programming language and comes with stunning features such as pattern matching, comparison advancements, and mixins. 

Reasons to choose Scala

  • Scala is able to run on both JavaScript and JVM runtime. And its open-source community is becoming more popular. 
  • Scala comes with an easy to use and a large set of libraries, frameworks, and tools. Apart from this, the popular frameworks also include Akka, play, and apache spark. 
  • According to experts, this is a versatile language and we can use it for web application development, software development, mobile solutions, and especially for game development. 
  • Some big brands like Apple, Twitter, LinkedIn, and The Guardian have also used this versatile programming language for their codebase.

Top 10 programming languages for the future: Kotlin

Kotlin is another popular name in the list of versatile programming languages that experts use in 2020. It is a cross-platform language i.e. it properly interoperates with Java and runs on the JVM. Its smooth compatibility with the Android Studio 3 has boosted its popularity among the developers. Three years back Google declared it as the official language for Android app development. 

Reasons to choose Kotlin

  • It works amazingly with all the Java libraries and frameworks. And it also runs with the same level of performance as Java. 
  • It is a typed programming language and offers better developer experience and code readability. 
  • Kotlin comes with easy to set up features. Before, programmers need to take the help of a plugin to work with Kotlin. But now this problem has cured and Android Studio 3.0 comes with Kotlin as an inbuilt feature. 
  • Here you do not need to write boilerplate codes frequently. Writing boilerplate code is a necessary task but Kotlin has reduced its use to make the process easier for developers. 

Top 10 programming languages for the future: Ruby

Ruby is one of the oldest languages that developers are still in love with. In the mid-1990s, Ruby was created in Japan. This is a dynamic programming language and it aims to create the programming task super easy and time-saving. Ruby on Rails is one of its amazing frameworks. According to some experts, it is a typed language and sometimes it cannot offer the required pace and flexibility. Ruby has been used by a lot of big organizations such as NASA, Cisco, HP, and so on. 

Reasons to choose Ruby

  • Ruby is easy to learn and straightforward programming language and lets developers build web applications smoothly. With its beautiful syntax, a developer will be able to do more even without coding that much. 
  • Ruby comes with amazing flexibility. With the help of this programming language, developers can easily delete, override, and modify the basic parts of an application. It aims to offer the best freedom to the developers and supports single inheritance. 
  • Ruby also comes with high portability. With the help of this language, developers will be able to work on various platforms. 
  • The openness of the community is accepted as the strength of Ruby. In this way, Ruby developers learn and grow every single day. 

These are the top 10 programming languages for the future and present. These languages have been used by many developers around the globe. Without any doubt, you can pick one from the list based on your requirements. 

There are some languages also that are going to join the league. They are filled with potential. Now we are going to discuss those languages below so that we all can be aware of their benefits in advance and use them accordingly. 

Programming languages for the future: MATLAB

MATLAB is known as a multi-model numerical computing environment as well as a programming language. MATLAB blends visualization, computing, and programming in order to create an easy to use the environment to solve technical computing problems rightly. We can also call it the proprietary language of MathWorks. It has entered the world of the programming language in 2020. It is the recent newcomer yet filled with lots of potentials. 

Reasons to choose MATLAB

  • It is known as the most productive as well as the easiest computing environment for both scientists and engineers. According to experts, it is the first programming language that includes mathematical and technical computing. 
  • You know that in order to implement ideas you need collaboration across multiple platforms and people. It also helps to reduce errors and delays. MATLAB effectively helps to automate the way from research to production. 
  • MATLAB comes with testes toolboxes. With the help of this programming language, one can learn as well as apply the specialized technology accordingly. 

Programming languages for the future: R

R is a popular mobile app language and that has a lot of potentials. In 1993, it was created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman. This language is highly preferred when it comes to developing government, healthcare, and enterprise mobility solutions within a very short span of time. R is rich with built-in machine learning algorithms and data analytics functionalities. 

Reasons to choose R

  • When it comes to experimenting with data science, many scholars and researchers prefer to have this language. R effectively helps in statistical analysis. 
  • You know that data wrangling is very complicated as well as time taking task in data science. R comes with a wide library of tools for data and database manipulation and data wrangling. 
  • It is an open-source language and not that much restricted to the operating systems.

Programming languages for the future:  Dart

Dart is accepted as the language behind Flutter, Google’s cross-platform development framework. It entered seven years back. It comes with a lot of benefits such as clean and simple code syntax, proper support to AOT and JIT compilation, increased productivity, and so on. 

Reasons to choose Dart

  • It is pretty easy to learn a programming language. 
  • Dart is flexible also. One can write as well as run the code without facing any limitations. 
  • Experts say that mobile applications written in Dart with Flutter are accepted as cross-platform native apps. They can easily run on both iOS and Android platforms. 
  • Dart is an open-source solution and that’s why lots of developers are simply in love with Dart.
  • It also comes with useful tooling support. Nearly all the Text Editors and IDEs come with great support for Dart. 

Programming languages for the future: Bosque 

It is one of the ‘going-to-be-popular’ programming languages. Bosque is created by Microsoft. This language looks able to enhance the productivity of the developers, increase the software quality, and give a smooth tooling experience. According to experts, Bosque is inspired by the types and syntax of TypeScript. It also comes with the semantics of Machine Learning and JavaScript. 

Reasons to choose Bosque

  • Bosque enables the cloud-first development process. 
  • It aims to boost the strength of classical functional programming. 
  • Bosque is becoming popular day by day because of its extended support for high productivity, resource-efficient, and scalable nature.

We have discussed all the leading programming languages of today along with the languages that have the potential to rock the industry in near future. Now you have a solid idea of how to choose the best programming language for your project. If yet you need further details, you can directly contact us. Or the below ways will help you to choose the right programming language easily without wasting a lot of time. 

How can you choose the best programming language this year for your needs?

In order to make our readers understand their projects and the best programming language, we are going to discuss three important factors below. These factors mainly decide the best programming language for a project. 

  1. Application purpose- at the first move, you need to be aware of the purpose of the application. Where you are going to deploy it, your target audience, and so many other factors you need to consider. If you want to create a presence on the Web, PHP will be the right choice. In the case of database management, you have to pick SQL. In order to add AI, you have to go with Python. So, first, you need to be aware of the app’s purpose and after that, you can easily pick the best programming language. 
  1. Characteristics of the language- In order to understand the characteristics of the programming languages and to pick the best one for the project, you have to go through some simple questions. Are you going to develop a mobile application or investing in cross-platform application development, it will be open-sourced or not, the type of technologies to be implemented and the level of security- you should have proper answers for all these questions. And it will automatically let you select the best programming language for your project. 
  1. Local ecosystem- when you are going to select the best programming language, you also need to check the skill set of your in-house developers. If your chosen language is already familiar with the developers, application development will be completed fast and even without facing a lot of problems. If the scenario flips, from app development time to cost-everything can increase. So, it will be better if you check your inhouse skills and select a language accordingly. 


Now we have reached the concluding time after a long discussion. Lastly, we can say that the success of an application depends on the programming language at a great level. The eight languages can make the task easier otherwise there will be only errors and missed deadlines. So, it’s definitely better to research well and pick the best programming language. 
For more discussion i.e. selecting the best language as well as developing an application, just give us a call at +91-9748716966 or drop your query in our quote form.

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

Your winning idea is super secure with our NDA

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