GPT3- Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is the new hype in the world of Artificial Intelligence. GPT3 is an artificial intelligence with a better language structure. It has been created by OpenAI. We all know that OpenAI is a great research foundation backed by Elon Musk.

GPT3, a text-generating neural network was released in June 2020. According to experts, the language is based on 175 billion parameters and accepted as far more accurate than its predecessors. 

It is taking the internet by storm and it should so! According to experts what makes it so exciting is that the same algorithm is now able to perform a large range of tasks. It can do many things for us such as it can code for us, prepare a blog post, it can answer factual questions, chit-chat with a person, play chess with us, and so on. 

In order to understand what gpt3 is actually, we at Vyrazu Labs planned to dig more, and only after that, we can understand how it can help in or transform different aspects of life. 

What is Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT3)?

gpt 3
  • It is a language prediction model and it runs on deep learning principles.
  • We can call it a context-based generative AI. I mean if we give it a context, gpt 3 will be able to do the rest of the task. If we start writing a blog post or an essay, it can complete the blog or essay on behalf of us.
  • It can be a giant auto-complete program. We are already familiar with the autocomplete suggestion while writing an email. But the scenario is going to be bigger and more accurate.
  • It has appeared as one of the most powerful and advanced machine learning tools for writing something in the English language.
  • Experts also say that it is also able to generate human-like text based on its access in order to compute massive amounts of data.
  • Earlier we have mentioned that its algorithm operates on the basis of 175 billion parameters. These parameters are nothing but equations that help the algorithm to generate precise predictions.
  • It is able to analyze 45 terabytes of data by using cloud computing. The GPT 3 training data is bigger than the ocean. The entire Wikipedia data covers just 0.6% of the training data of GPT 3. So, we can say that it has accessed much of the internet, stories, news, blogs, manuals, social media, codes, human literature, and so on. GPT3 has been fed with lots of data on various aspects. Adequate time and resources have helped it to digest everything properly.
  • Previously, we thought that performing a wide range of tasks or performing some special tasks will not be possible for artificial intelligence as we were only introduced with weak AI. But gpt3 is able to perform a variety of tasks due to its ability to properly spotting patterns, possibilities, and consistencies in large data sets.
  • We can accept it as an auto-complete process of human thought. It is able to read and write well and beyond our imagination or expectation.
  • Experts call it an unsupervised learner as it can learn and pick up everything by itself.
  • GPT3 is mysterious or uncanny. It can guess the flocks of words coming next. Just after giving it an initial prompt, it can write a story or blog for you.
  • Last but not least, gpt3 is able to create articles, blogs, poems, stories, press releases, memes, codes, dialogues, prose, and so on without any plagiarism issue. 

These points can give us a broader idea of what GPT3 is exactly and how it can help us in different aspects of life. Now, we are going to check exactly what it is able to accomplish with zero to minimum human help. After that, we will concentrate on how we can implement it in our day-to-day life without any risk.

Things GPT3 can accomplish for us

  • GPT 3 is able to produce plagiarism-free writing and you cannot find any difference between the work of gpt 3 and human work.
  • It is able to analyze content properly
  • It is able to generate attractive images
  • It can write codes and make the developers’ job easier than ever
  • It is able to compose music
  • It can generate new and effective business ideas
  • It can prepare poetry
  • It can write trending blog posts and input dry humor and satire. Dry humor and satire you can also experience while communicating with a gpt 3 system.
  • It can act as a therapist and heal or guide one with the best set of words
  • GPT3 is able to write fiction
  • It is also able to simulate various human moods
  • It can summarize and review a movie
  • It can generate social media posts along with memes
  • Again last but not least it is able to mimic celebrities and historical figures.

Now, it comes to checking how it is going to help us in real-time. All the above-mentioned points are about what gpt3 can do. Below, we are going to explore what has made it possible for us. In this way, we will be able to understand how it is going to shape our lives in the present and future days.

Amazing uses, applications, and inventions of GPT 3

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gpt3 use cases: Code Oracle

In the earlier sections, we have mentioned that it can write code for us. Along with writing the code, it can comprehend the code written by humans. It will not only help in developing a system faster but also help to find the error and solution faster than ever.

gpt3 use cases: Application design

There is a beautiful integration of the Figma plugin and GPT 3. This amazing integration actually helps in generating beautiful web templates. We know that in order to create web templates we need to deploy web designers and invest a lot of time and money. But with the help of such integration with gpt3 backing, creating an easy-to-use and simple template will not be a problem. Rather we can say that we will be able to create templates faster and satisfy more template requirements within a short span of time.

gpt3 use cases: JSX Layout maker

We can say that it is the first example of code generation by gpt 3 that started to grab the attention of people. Here you just have to describe exactly how you want the layout in plain English language and it will prepare a layout for you. 

gpt3 use cases: Regex generator

GPT3 is also able to generate regex for us. It can create a different regex for us. Just like the previous use case, here, you too have to describe the regex you want in plain English along with an example string and it will create the regex for you within seconds. 

gpt3 use cases: Website Mocker

Once again we can see the magic of the Figma and GPT 3 combination. Here, all you need to do is just put the website URL in the right field and it will close the website. 

You can understand that manually cloning a website takes a lot of hours but with the help of a gpt 3 supported website mocker, you can do it within seconds.

gpt3 use cases: Object use case generation

This is an amazing thing that GPT3 can predict what can be done with an inputted object. For example, we can say that if we input ‘potato’, it will show ‘peel, cook, smash, slice, bake, fry’ as things we can do with a potato. If we enter ‘a can of soup’, it will show ‘open, pour, drink, eat’ as things we can do with the inputted term or object.

gpt 3 use cases: Autoplotter

GPT 3 is also able to generate charts and plots just from plain English. You know that for adding the ease of data analysis, auto plotter has become popular among us. Now, gpt3 can do the same task within seconds with zero to little human effort. 

gpt3 use cases: Proper evaluation

GPT3 is able to play various interesting games such as finding analogies, identifying paints or pictures from a description (written in plain English), creating articles, and so on. By using the same algorithm, it is also able to recommend books. In order to perform such tasks, it does not even require training or huge data uploads. 

gpt3 use cases: Quiz producer

It is able to generate quizzes. Now teachers need to create quizzes for the students to check their ability, growth, and understanding of a subject. The same task the gpt3 can do easily and let teachers concentrate on other aspects. 

gpt3 use cases: Learn from anywhere

The GPT3 will help you to learn anything from anywhere. Maybe it is literature from Shakespeare, Physics from Newton, or Relativity theory from Einstein- you can learn anything from anyone or anywhere.

gpt3 use cases: Can be a philosopher

It can give us ideas about itself. I mean it can write an essay or blog post about gpt3 and its effects on humankind and make us understand easily.

gpt3 use cases: The AI recursion

It seems funny and awkward at the same time that GPT3, an AI model, is able to write another machine learning model. Today, gpt3 is able to write machine learning models for specific datasets and tasks. Just by describing the dataset, you will be able to code for a machine learning model with gpt3. 

gpt3 use cases: The meme maker

Social media platforms are filled with tons of memes. And another wondering fact is that GPT3 can also create amazing memes and win the hearts of humans. It is able to understand the nuances of meme creation and easily create memes just with a few prompts. 

gpt3 use cases: LaTex fabricator

We know that preparing LaTex is boring especially when we need to write complex equations. Here gpt3 can act as a savior. Here, you can describe an equation in plain English language and it will come with an appropriate LaTex equation. 

gpt3 use cases: Animator

It is also able to generate frame-by-frame animation by using Figma Plugin and a text prompt. Short and simple animations are in high demand and they can satisfy the requirements easily. 

gpt3 use cases: Voice Response Creator

We are familiar with the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) for booking any kind of appointment. gpt3 can easily generate the IVR flow as well as do it faster comparatively. 

gpt3 use cases: 3D scene generator

By using the three.js JavaScript API, it can easily create 3D scenes. It is able to create codes for the scene once you describe it properly. Presently, it is able to create simple 3D objects. But in the future, it can do more. 

gpt3 use cases: Resume creator 

Before every job search, creating an updated resume is a mandatory task for all job seekers. The right resume can make you or a not-so-impressive resume can let employers ignore a lot of candidates. This machine learning model can also help us to create an attractive resume. Just like the previous use cases, here we have to just describe it in plain English language and it will help us to add valuable points to our resumes. 

gpt3 use cases: DevOps engineer

It is not that GPT3 can write blogs, develop apps or websites. It can also help you with DevOps. We can accept it as a multidisciplinary developer that is rich in various abilities. 

gpt3 use cases: Cricket Commentator

While watching crickets, we can hear commentaries as well as can see the subtitles in order to better understand what they are saying about the game. Actually, accents differ a lot from one country to another, and people from other countries cannot properly understand the accent of the commentator. In order to make everything properly understandable to all, Cricinfo and Crizbuzz use gpt3 in order to generate clear and proper textual commentaries. 

These are the 20 use cases of GPT3 that we are enjoying presently. In the future days, it is going to add many more cases to the plate. After taking a look at these 20 cases, we can say that GPT3 is able to change the definition of automation and make us free from boring yet time-consuming tasks. Along with this, it can boost productivity in an enterprise setting and the outcome will be plausible. 

Where more works are required in gpt3 setting

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Just like any other technological invention on the list, GPT3 is also not free from its drawbacks. Or we can say that there are some areas where experts should concentrate more. 

Privacy- data training is one of the most common things of gpt3. According to experts, these machine learning models are not properly privacy-preserving especially when it comes to training data. They are designed to reproduce the data they see. And this can be a huge problem in terms of privacy for businesses and amateur individuals. 

Cost of computing- even just to run in the prediction mode, you have to pay a huge amount of cost. For the practical deployment of a 100x slower model than the actual model, we may have to break the bank. For small to medium-sized companies availing of such a model can be a tough burden. Apart from this, we can say that without the proper size of the model, we cannot experience the full-fledged benefits and that can create a negative view of it. It will be better if OpenAI sets affordable charges for accessing their API. 

Bias- It can come with biased results based on its data training. Up to an extent, it may not look like a problem. But if there is no human in the loop, it can come with biased results and that will be a problem for sure. 

Apart from this, we can also say that it is not as good as we expect in reasoning and may fail while performing rare or unique cases. 

Absence of a mind- GPT3 has 175 billion parameters yet it is not able to carry a long-term destination in mind. It cannot also carry logical as well as consistent context over a certain paragraph. According to experts, gpt3 does not come with a mind or semantics of its own. And as a result, it cannot actually understand what inputs and outputs mean. Due to the absence of a mental model, memory, or sense of meaning it cannot perform reasoning and only calculates correlations.

Plausible yet incorrect output- There is another huge limitation on the list and that is it always comes with believable but incorrect output. Julian Togelius, a famous computer science researcher defines it perfectly: “GPT-3 often performs like a clever student who hasn’t done their reading trying to bullshit their way through an exam. Some well-known facts, some half-truths, and some straight lies, strung together in what first looks like a smooth narrative.”

So, we can say that we cannot blindly trust gpt3. It is sad but true that it is able to generate a huge amount of plausible fake news or phishing scams. In other words, we can say that it can ruin our life or make them more complicated. 

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI agrees with the limitations. He also said that gpt3 is impressive but it also has some serious weaknesses. It often commits very silly mistakes as well. We know that AI is going to change the world. GPT3 is a flimsy glimpse of that. In order to unfold the entire benefits, we all have many miles to go yet. 

GPT3 Risks 

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There are a lot of advanced technological inventions on the list today. But when it comes to AI, we prefer to pour extra attention to its risk factors. Actually, we have very high expectations with Artificial Intelligence and that’s why we are more concerned with its risk factors also. 

GPT3 also comes with some risks or dangers. Maybe with time, we will be able to overcome the risks but presently those really matter to worry about. Below, we are going to list down a few of them-

  • GPT3 risks: outcome with vulgar language

We have already mentioned that this machine learning model has swallowed all online forums and social media platforms. And as a result, it can also come with sexist or racist language. Without any doubt, this kind of outcome can entirely affect any business setting or ruin the efforts of an individual. Sam Altman said that they are trying to cope up with this area with proper toxicity filters. 

  • GPT3 risks: Threat to human creativity

It can be a real threat to the integrity of artistic standards and human creativity. Machine-generated creativity may not touch the hearts of humans. Actually, there is no specific standard or barrier for creativity and art. So, here a lot of people face the lack of artistic standards they are in search of in pieces of work.

  • GPT3 risks: Information Dystopia

It can introduce information dystopia to the genre. Advanced speculation and fake news are the major driving components of this information dystopia. Open AI agrees that GPT3 is able to do spam, phishing, spread misinformation, abuse of legal and governmental rules, fraudulent essay writing (for academic purposes), social engineering pretexting, and so on. Along with these, GPT3 is also able to create enormous fake news, deception, and confusion. So, we can say that we cannot let it run blindly. We have to keep close eyes on its outputs each time. So, it is not going to save that much time or effort that we have expected. 

  • GPT3 risks: Unintended consequences 

Some experts also say that more risks are on the way as it is not fully flourished or adopted widely. So, in the future days, after more adoption, we may face lots of unintended consequences. 

Safe use of gpt3

After analyzing the risks and potential of gpt3, it is natural that we will search for the areas where we can actually use it. There are some areas where we can use it and mitigate the risks at the same time. Below are some instances of ideas of using gpt3 in the present scenario-

  • We can use it where risks do not have major repercussions. We can use it for internal use cases instead of using it for an end-user application. It will help us to boost our productivity level. In this way, we will also be able to mitigate the risks and get benefits. 
  • We can use it to create components in order to control the content. You can make it possible just by architecting different machine learning models on top of gpt3. It will mark the content that is not properly correct. It will help enterprises to maintain the standard. It will not let the improper content go out. We can also say that it will help to bring the out of the box concepts of contents without losing the safe track. 
  • Gpt3 can be also used for domain-specific data. You may know that on request Open AI provides access to training APIs. in this way, you will be allowed to adapt GPT3 to a particular niche and make it more effective for the on-going or next task. 

GPT market

market arrow

We are now at the very start of the new, exciting as well as a scary era. From the above discussion, we can say that gpt3 is impressively user-friendly, capable, practical, powerful, and prolific. This topic is extremely interesting as even a layperson can spend hours on gpt3 blogs. 

Posts related to gpt3 go viral now as it has become the zeitgeist of the world. The trend will accelerate and we believe that we are not very far from the artificial intelligence revolution. 

Without any doubt, gpt3 has billions of dollars market value. It comes with wide commercial potential. And as a result, on a regular basis, more and more leading multinationals and industries are trying to jump into the pool of gpt3. 


We hope that in the near future days anyone will be able to use gpt3 powered language tools in order to perform creative and conceptual works. Along with this, it also has the potential to transform every job in every industry of this world. 

According to experts, this is the start of a new gold rush. Anyone with minimum to moderate technical understanding will be able to develop his/her own applications and leverage machine learning at the same time. Finally, we can say that we are now closer to a new renaissance of technological, entrepreneurial, and creative projects liberated by millions of people around this planet.

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

Your winning idea is super secure with our NDA

You have an idea, We have the way to make it a reality

Vyrazu Labs, a global leader in the area of robust digital product development

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

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