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The free entertainment apps had already taken on the internet from the era of the applications existing. When it comes to making free entertainment phone apps you mean business. The apps that are being solely downloaded for keeping the world in the pockets have made a mark in the entertainment industry. Says who? Everyone. We know that entertainment is something that is needed by many to relax from their regular lives. The increasing workload and various mental pressure can be easily dealt with entertainment apps. 

Everyone needs to take a break from things they have to deal with, the best answer is to listen to some quality music or watch movies or series to divert your mind from the mental and physical pressure. It is evident that with the entertainment industry taking on the internet, the users’ are not only happy they need more. Yes, there are many entertainment apps that already exist in the market. And guess what we at Vyrazu Labs have also made one of the OTT service apps, refusing to fall out from the trend of developing entertainment apps. 

We also have our own game apps that are known for their user interface. Now the question is will mobile app development be any use to you? Yes, of course, it will be and if you are thinking about developing free entertainment apps you are in the direction of profit. There might be many advising you not to make apps that already exist in the market for they will just sit in the media stores for no downloading it. Well, there are few things that you have to learn, but first, tell your advisors to crawl out of their caves as it is already 2019. 

The Entertainment App that will Best Fit your Business

When it comes to making an entertainment app you focus on the basics first, like which is the best entertainment app that will fit your business and why will you choose it for development. There are many factors that you have to consider before you start off with the development and focus on the credentials before you could start your development. Before all that, you need to understand who are the ones you are making the app for and what is the purpose of your app. So first your goal will be to understand who your audience is and when they engage with entertainment apps. 

And when the conversation is about free entertainment apps, that surely is going to be the top apps that get downloaded. As I said everyone needs change and we at this point are subjects of the changing technology is bringing about. Many offline businesses have already taken up the street on applications mainly for expanding. The cost of mobile app development is not much if you have a solid development mindset. On the contrary, there are a number of reasons that are responsible for the development of free entertainment phone apps.  

  • Highlighting Social Networking Strategies by reaching out to the users by social media and showing them a glimpse of what your brand has to offer. Establishing your brand in social media is very important as that is the strongest marketing strategy you can formulate in the initial stages. 

  • Expand your visibility in the market, if you already have an offline business of media and entertainment you would want to expand it to answer your competitors. And if you are aiming for a start-up it’s about time for you to start planning. 

  • The most essential thing that comes from building an app is client loyalty and a healthy relationship with the client. When you start a business or have a business you are the sole caretaker of that business, while you can’t be everywhere to fulfill client needs. Hence you can build an app that will work like your personal associate who will take off the client requirements on your behalf.  

  • The brand build-up, when you make an app you will be able to boost up your business by launching an app in the market. As many brand outlets, you have that many options you give your customers to choose from. Expanding the business is a good idea any day.   

  • Understanding your customers’ needs, as almost all your customers use a mobile phone they expect you to launch an app that will be on their phones. You will not like to miss the opportunity and land your business on their phones. Even if they don’t know you know they will surely know your app.  

  • Engaging your customers, when you launch an app you will have to make sure that your app is able to build-up the right environment for your customers. They will have to like what they use or they will not have faith in your app. This implies: give promising offers and benefits.  

  • When you have an application for entertainment you will be able to record the activity performed by your users in the app, for using it later to send recommendations in-app. This will also help you gather data on your users for sending them important notifications.

  • Last but not least, when it comes to reducing costs, your app is the answer. With low maintenance advantages, it brings you all the information you need and the publicity you want. Not only that, but you will also be able to earn some extra money from free entertainment apps.

The main aim is to develop an interactive media experience that will help your customers to get the best experience from your app. There are certain features that are a must-have in the free entertainment apps. There are many ways to monetize the app and turn it into a source of good income. But what you should do right now is focus on the user interface so that your app is able to attract your customers. The purpose of your app must be to focus on the fact that it should be able to answer the needs of your customers at any time and anywhere. 

It should be fast and smooth as butter so that your audience is not confused about how to use the app. There are reasons for entertainment “apps”  development that is to provide to their customers whenever there is a demand raised for it. The customer should not have to wait for the contents of the applications to load and definitely should not complain about the user experience. This literally means that whenever your customer is looking for entertainment from your app it should be ready and waiting for the customers.   

When you develop an app you have to focus on the user interface and user experience so that your app can succeed, not forgetting about marketing which will help your app to earn the fame that it deserves. Let’s talk about the best free apps for entertainment that will help you understand the market and you will be able to see your competitors. It’s time to be battle-ready as when you make an app using this information you are sure to succeed. Don’t believe me? Then try it out yourself.  

The Free Entertainment Apps that are Taking the Internet by Storm 

The free entertainment apps that make millions of dollars just by entertaining people. The entertainment apps that are taking the internet to the next level have loads of reasons working behind it. Considering that you must have used at least one entertainment app, I would say that you already know and I don’t want to bore you with that. What I am going to say is these reasons are heavy enough to make them famous then it is heavy enough to give you the same popularity. 

Nowadays the social media apps are also considered as entertainment apps as they share news of people you know and other news and information from all over the world. Facebook is considered to be the most famous apps among them all, this is because of its early launch and the amazing updates over the years. There is no doubt that the social media industry has taken up a huge portion of the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry also includes the information industry which has been well captured by social media entrepreneurs.      

These can be Regarded as Free Entertainment Apps

There are many types of entertainment apps, which have taken the loyal interest of the users. These apps have the sole purpose to make their users happy by delivering the content they want to see. This also involves the types of entertainment the users are into. From the types of apps that are out in the market, you will be able to determine which type of entertainment app interests you the most. 

  1. Gaming apps

    There are many gaming apps that have made its users their loyal customers by offering them fantastic games and an amazing user interface. These games have made sure to move forward with the advancing technology and maintaining the norms of development that is responsible for attracting customers.

    When you create a gaming app you have to keep so many things in mind like the features that you are going to put in the app if there will be any in-app purchases, and how will the app function depending on the game that you will be making. If you are wondering how to make a game app, that is no big issue. Once you are certain about the game you want to develop then it is easy.

  2. Music apps

    Music apps have been eating the users of the society ever since the only youtube has the market all to itself. Different music apps provide different functionalities. The music apps are developed in a way that it is able to win its users by showing off the advanced activities it can perform. Nowadays, music apps are also being integrated into fitness apps so that the user can get all the entertainment they want while they are working out.

    If you look at the most famous music apps you will notice that almost all of them are made for playing in the background letting the user use other apps. If your interest lies in making music apps then you are going in the right direction of making a good choice of app development and making your users happy. Now that even AI is involved with these kinds of apps, imagine the wonders you can do using the available technology.

  3. Sports apps

    There are different sports apps some dedicated to one particular game and some for all kinds of sports. This is particularly for those kinds of users who have never missed a game in their entire life and they would give up anything to not miss a match. While you think about making free entertainment apps and your focus sticks to sports apps then you must think about the user interface and focus on the features that will provide for attracting your users.

    This is an important task as for the sports app it is important to look after what you are providing and how your users can utilize it best. The specialty of sports apps is that it has all the updates on the scores, sports news and the next date of the game, which makes it very useful for both sports fans and the sportsmen.   

  4. News apps

    The news apps are dedicated to sharing the news in the nation. The news apps are responsible for showing the recent news right in the app and the videos and pictures connected with that news. These apps can not be called entertainment unless the user is only reading the gossip pages.

    These apps are essential as they help us to stay connected with society and the happenings. If you are thinking about making a news app then you should know that you need a lot of content for the same, if you already have an offline business then it’s a perfect set up, you should take your offline business to an app as it will not only help you expand it will also help you to increase your readers base.  

  5. OTT services

    The fame of OTT services is not something that I can hide even though I try, I mean there are so many examples that are already in the market and are quite successful. Previously the pain was too much, we had to download movies illegally, even that took a lot of time. Now that the OTTs are here to save our lives we don’t have to perform any illegal business, just reach out to our favorite OTT and start watching from where we left off.

    The advantage of OTTs is that they are paid and they don’t let any unauthorized person log into your account keeping the data safe and untouched by people who are not supposed to look into that data. OTTs not only make the best entertainment apps they also help in business, as you look at any OTT and all of them have been doing good business.

  6. Live stream

    There are different apps for live streaming that help us to look into the live news or the live activities of the celebrities and our friends. There are different apps for showing live streams that help us to stay connected with what’s going around and what is coming around.

    The live streaming services fill their contents with live videos that are informative, entertaining, and useful. These apps are the kinds of apps that can end up in different sections like social media, news and entertainment and sports.   
  7. Social media apps

    The social media apps are not just social media apps now, they are so much more and they have been traveling the extra mile for user interest and they most certainly have succeeded. They are perfect Free Entertainment Apps. If you want to know more about how social media apps are serving society differently then read the section where it speaks about the different roles of Instagram on how to develop Instagram clone app.

    However, if your choice lies with social media apps then you are on the safe side of the business, I mean if its social media everyone is going to use it right, like Snapchat was being used by everyone right after it had just launched. Social media apps will give your business as well as feed you the critical information about your users, which will later help you to recommend posts for them. 

  8. Book apps

    The book apps are also counted in the family of entertainment apps. The famous apps such as Google Play Books and Wattpad have also crafted the society in such a way that, no one needs to carry physical books and access the information right from the apps in there. The interesting thing about Wattpad is it allows amateur writers to produce their work in this make making them a platform to express themselves.

    This app is also used by some of the famous writers but mainly is for promoting the ones who have good work in them but can’t publish their work be it for any reason. The Google Play Books are like other book apps that provide you with many books from where you can choose from and read along on the go. 

The Really Famous Free Entertainment Apps

There are so many apps, yet we fall short of apps sometimes and we wander around in the web stores looking for new apps. This wandering lands us on the news apps that have many uniques features, and advanced functionality. When we like an app we download it, and if we don’t like that app after downloading it probably stays in our phones for ages until one day we finally decide to uninstall it.

But there are certain apps that are developed for staying a long time on our phones. These apps have only been able to make this place on our phone i.e. our lives because they have promising abilities to engage their users. Let us look at the top 10 free entertainment apps for Android and iOS alike. 

Game Apps  

  1. PUBG Mobile

    PUBG is one of the top 10 free entertainment apps for Android and iOS, that has successfully made itself a fan base. If you ask why, well you have the answer itself, none of us had seen such an amazing display of the battlefield game previously, live alone a free app. Player Unknown Battlegrounds had changed the norms of society thinking no mobile game will be able to do all that.

    Sadly, PUBG made a strong point and it made sure it stayed in the phones of its users for a really long time. Since PUBG, had launched a swarm of bees flew in that direction and never came back. If fame was the answer, then they got it and they got a lot of revenue making people purchase the Royal Pass for getting better game experience. 

  2. Jeopardy

    A television show of the same name was quite famous and had a huge fan base. That show was anchored by Johnny Gilbert, the game version of that reality show has his voice integrated as the host of the game. This game version has its own fan base and features more than 2700 questions, that the users can answer and play along.

    This was an interesting step towards the future, we all look at the television screen wanting to end up in the shows somehow, however that is always not possible so, why not have an app that will make us feel like we are in the game and we are playing the game with real audience watching us. This is no doubt a good idea as it has made promising changes in the society of reality game lovers. 

Music Apps

  1. Spotify

    Spotify is one of the best music apps that is present in the market. It allows you to listen to music anywhere and everywhere you go. It helps you to relax with the mixes that it creates with different genres like reading music, yoga music, coffee time music, etc. this helps its users to choose from a genre depending on the activity they are performing.

    Well, Spotify all makes mixes for its users according to their preferences and the history of the music they have been listening to. Not only that, but you will also be able to listen to music and save it for hearing it offline. This app is most certainly one of the top 10 free entertainment apps for Android and iOS that has its premium version for no ad music. 

  2. Pandora

    Pandora is one of the internet radios, it creates a radio station based on the artists you liked and the reaction you put in the music you listen to. It will determine your preferences and further filter the selection of songs it plays for you. Now, Pandora can’t be left out from the list of top 10 free entertainment apps for Android and iOS.

News and Sports Apps  

  1. BBC Media Player

    The BBC Media Player is one of the top 10 free entertainment apps for Android and iOS. This app is dedicated to live-streaming, has a radio version, and you will be able to watch the television if you have this app on your phone. This app will provide you both entertainment and news.  

  2. ESPN

    ESPN is one of the top 10 free entertainment apps for Android and iOS in the sports section. This app is responsible for displaying all the sports news and updates in the sports industry so that its users don’t fall out on the important insights of the sports industry.  

Over the top services

  1. Netflix and Amazon

    Well, to be honest, I couldn’t decide which one to keep on the list as both have their own personal fan base depending on the content they have. However, Netflix should win the match as it is the most downloaded app in June 2019. The best thing about these OTTs is that they provide you with movies and sitcoms that are most needed when we are bored to the core. If you want to develop an app like Netflix or Amazon Prime for your business, it is time you knew about how to plan it out.   

  2. Ted

    Ted is the app for influential people, who wants to share their experience in a global platform for motivating, informing, entertaining the youth, and everyone else who finds interest in the TED talks. There are over 1400 videos in the Ted app that helps you learn about everything new and old as well as hear about the experiences shared by the popular and successful people. 

Social Media apps   

  1. Facebook

    Facebook is in the business for a long time now and surely knows how to grab customer attention. It is one of the top 10 free entertainment apps for Android and iOS that one might never delete from their phones.

    This app has been so much more than just a social media app. When it comes to social media the first name in our mind is Facebook. With Facebook you can chat away using messenger, use the web stores for purchase, and look at may informative and entertaining videos that will make your jaw drop.

  2. Instagram

    Instagram has almost the same activities as Facebook. The only difference is that Instagram is all about the pictures. Instagram sure is another top 10 free entertainment apps for Android and iOS that doesn’t let people remove this app from their phone because of the amazing user interface and the information and entertainment pictures and videos spread over the internet. 

10 Ways Mobile Apps are Changing the Entertainment Industry

There are many reasons working behind the change and the biggest of them all is technology, as it changes everything revolving around it changes. When it comes to revolutionizing the entertainment industry the mobile apps have really done a good job there. All the entertainment apps that are in the market have made a deep mark in the entertainment industry as it has captured the interest of millions of users who are addicted to their phones because of these entertainment apps. 

Entertaiment Industry App 2
  1. What’s trending?

    When there were no social media apps, understanding what is trending was limited to entertainment news that comes from the newspapers, news channels, magazines, etc. The introduction of social media has made it very clear that now we can look at what is trending from anywhere in the world using our phones. It is important, for none of us wants to stay behind the trend that is running free in society.

  2. Introduction of virtual reality and augmented reality

    The entertainment industry brought VR and AR along with it. As technology advances the entertainment industry took it on them to take the experience to the next level. The VR and AR in gaming apps have changed how everyone used to look at the utility of these apps. VR can also be used for watching movies, videos, and sitcoms, but mainly it profited the gaming industry.

  3. Gathering and Spreading Information

    Gathering and spreading information was quite difficult before we got the entertainment apps. Now we can use social media or OTT apps for spreading and gathering information. This helps us to stay connected with everything that is important to us. The best free entertainment apps have really traveled that extra mile for changing the entertainment industry in such a way that it has turned into a very information society build-up that was just a dream.  

  4. The entirety of the platform

    When we are talking about the best free entertainment apps we must admit that it is a complete platform for the budding artists and the existing artists. This means that there are many artists who haven’t got the chance to show their true talent over the big screen, now they can show their talent using the OTT services.

    The entertainment apps have all that it needs, for being called a whole platform for various people to express their needs and requirements. This industry doesn’t only provide its users as well as the suppliers who were waiting for such a platform to show the world what they are capable of.  
  5. Sharing content

    There are many things that the news channels or social media platforms fail to inform us about. There is numerous content that has the exact subject you are looking for, suppose you are interested in making the best free entertainment apps, then this content is ideal for you.

    This is such information that you will not get on social media. However, even this content will be shared over social media for spreading the word. What I really mean is that the free-flowing contents with information that we need have become easy. Many budding bloggers have secured their position as talented writers. 
  6. Promotional purpose

    The earlier promotion meant hoardings, advertisements on television, newspapers, magazines, flyers, etc. Now that there are so many entertainment apps, advertising has become easy and definitely has changed the outlook of promotional activities.

    The social media apps and the other apps with advertisements have taken it to a different level and have made sure to include in as a new subject in the marketing education and have secured a place known as social media marketing.

  7. Engaging users over information and entertainment

    The user engagement hardly boosted with the basic apps lurking over the internet. When the entertainment apps started flying in the web stores it made it obvious that people who need information, entertainment and leisure visited the entertainment apps for as long as possible for making the engagement process smooth.

    And why won’t people be engaged when they are getting what they want. People who are interested in gaming can roam around with their favorite mobile games, who want news and sports can do the same and so on and so forth. 

  8. Designing the entertainment app

    The design of the entertainment apps is amazing in one word. They do have the ability to call people and make them stay in the apps. This breaks the entertainment industry’s stereotype and builds proper experience for the users who are interested in learning and understanding more.

    Never forget, the fact that we are curious beings and we need to know what is going on in people’s lives. The design of the entertainment apps is so that it keeps us engaged in looking one story after another and relevant ads that actually apply in real-time. Of course, AI is doing all the magic behind the apps. 

  9. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

    The entertainment industry has taken things way seriously. They have introduced AI and ML so that they can predict what their users like and dislike to set up the app in that particular manner that it applies to a certain user. AI and ML have made the apps more acceptable and usable as there is hardly anything irrelevant in the apps.

    All the entertainment apps use AI and ML for better user experience and practice. It definitely changed the outlook of the entertainment industry making it a place to dwell without worrying about getting annoyed with any content or post.  

  10. The financial sector

    The world economy has benefited from these entertainment apps. They result in making huge revenue that helps in smooth cash flow in the economy-boosting the previous status of the economical age. However, it is the financial sector who has been profited maximum from the different kinds of best free entertainment apps. This is also helped to increase the traffic in the TRP business boosting the television industries’ revenue along with the world economy.   


I hope you could learn everything there is to know about the best free entertainment apps. If you think I have missed out on something please drop a comment or feedback. Any article that doesn’t have a critical appreciation is incomplete. Being one of the leading software companies we advise you to contact us if you have any requirements for developing an entertainment app. We have done it a hundred times we will do it again if you reach out to us.

The future of the entertainment apps looks bright and they are not going anywhere as it has been absorbed in the roots of the mobile users. You will be making a profit with any entertainment app you make. If you are wondering how much money you can make from an app, then the answer is easy- to infinity and beyond. Just kidding. You can make a good load of money if you follow the right techniques at the right time.    

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

Your winning idea is super secure with our NDA

You have an idea, We have the way to make it a reality

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