Cost of mobile application development

It is obvious that from ordering groceries to boarding a flight everything in today’s date can be done just by using applications. Hence, we can say that we have been habituated with mobile applications since the day apps became a reality.  

This era has transformed into a mobile society. In this mobile society, considering the changes that technology has done, is doing, and will do, anyone who is planning to start a business using the web will only add to this development. I am sure you are one of those dreamers’. The one who wants to launch a business with a featuring application. Even if you are not, this article will help you to understand the Cost of mobile application development in case if you require the same in the near future. 

With this thought, an unavoidable question automatically generates, the question of what is the Cost of mobile application development in India? Well, in an Indian economy developing an application will not cost you much, when compared with the western companies who hand you a price list as big as your wedding list. 

When it comes to determining the Cost of mobile application development in India, we have to take into consideration the factors on which the Cost of mobile application development depends. Certain factors such as who will be building that app, however, we can do it for you, the core team of Vyrazu Labs is filled with experienced developers and designers. We have developed numerous apps for our clients as well as for ourselves if you are interested in hiring a team like us you can visit our App Store and Google Play Store apps for your referral. 

If you make your own team the Cost of mobile application development will be different. Whereas, if you hire other companies you will have to go through a background check plus considering the cost they will offer you for the design, features, functions, etc.

Let me try and answer the questions that have already initiated in your mind.

What are the types of app that you can launch and what are their functionalities?  

When it comes to the Cost of mobile application development in India we look at three viable options in which one can opt for building the app. You might know these options as web, native and hybrid application, as you might also know, web application are websites which is developed like an app for mobile use. 

While native and hybrid applications are mobile apps the former (native) is developed for a specific platform like either iOS or Android-based apps which cannot be accessed from a platform is not entitled to, while the latter (hybrid) can be launched in both the platforms being created by a single programming language, these are also easier to maintain and develop unlike the native apps.

I would like to mention the basic functionalities of developing an app, as in the terms used in the initial stages of the app development, depending on which you can differentiate which type of app we are going to make. 

So, if you want to know how much the Cost of mobile application development in India you will have to go through the functionalities of these applications.

List Based Application

These types of apps are programmed to function the simple tasks of an app. The simple tasks as in providing information on products, purchase redirections, comparing products and suggesting items of search determined from the previous search history of the user.

Database Applications

These applications are a bit more complicated than that of the list-based applications. These apps are associated with data-based works, which are locating, data assembling and calling data from higher platforms such as apps associated with big data and analytics.

Dynamic/Static Applications

While developing a dynamic application you must keep in mind that these apps are subjected to frequent change, texting apps or social media apps fall under this category where the data is not static and has to be altered every now and then.

Whereas, in terms of static apps, the information will not need many alterations compared to the dynamic app. These apps are built on the given design and developed after looking at the functionality of the app.

Game Applications

These are the most expensive and complex apps. These apps use artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D arenas, and advanced physics formulas that have to be implemented. Making these apps are expensive as well as these apps have the ability to attract customers. Are you interested in knowing how to make a game app

These are the basic app developing features which include building web, native or hybrid apps. In India, the prices being less in comparison gives a bigger sphere for you to go on adding features without thinking about the Cost of mobile application development in India. However, there are certain features that are equally time-consuming and costly. This question comes later though. 

At first, you will have to understand the basics of making an app, while later you can make changes and alterations before the development and design process is over. 

What are the platforms for you to launch this app?

There are a few obvious answers to this question, you can launch your app using the web, Windows, Android, iOS or you can launch it on all these platforms. You must be thinking about the Cost of mobile application development or the time involved in making these apps. 

However, the factors are completely dependent on which platform you choose. If your pocket permits you will be able to develop apps that can run on all platforms. As different applications have to be made for each of these platforms. 

Choosing a platform also depends on your target audience. If your target audience uses PCs in their daily lives, of course, you will not choose an Android platform. But if you are targeting mobile users you will have to choose either iOS or Android. 

Now the question will be which platform to choose? When it comes to determining how much app development cost in India. Here is how you can determine.

iOS Application Comparison

When it comes to iOS apps, the development of such apps does not take much time for development. iOS also has a lot of devices on which it can be checked compared to android. The Cost of mobile application development is also higher than that of Android apps. 

Whereas it can be difficult to launch your app on the App store as the guidelines provided are rigid which also ensures that any app does not lag in terms of quality. The host has to pay more for launching their app in the app store, the outstanding is as high as $200 while it is just $25 for Android. 

On the other hand, Apple has a huge bag of customers when it comes to Western countries, which makes a huge audience base in iOS making paid apps more downloadable by these users. Over the years we have noticed that iOS users tend to use iOS devices only while just upgrading their devices or applications. 

Research shows that the same business app launched on both iOS and Android does better business in iOS than Android. There is another factor that can’t be neglected that is, using iOS is easier and it has lesser issues in terms of software when compared to Android.  

Android Application Comparison

When it comes to Android apps, it takes more development time than of iOS apps. While the cost per download on iOS is higher than that of Android. There are goods and bads of both the platforms but if we think about the Cost of mobile application development then it can be said that Android apps cost less in terms of development or hosting the app as of the strict guidelines that one has to follow in an iOS system. 

The drawback of paid apps on Android might be prodigal as well the performance of such apps may lag while running in an Android system than that of iOS. An Android app will only make progress if it is being launched in Asian countries as the number of Android users are more in Asian-Pacific regions. 

In the case of Android apps, a regular update is not needed which happens in iOS, which helps in cost reduction as well as a good cut in maintenance cost. This means Android apps do not need much maintenance and it can run easily and smoothly without having to think about the updates and upgrades. 

However, Android apps have to be developed in different sizes, resolutions, screen, and performance as all the Android devices do not support the one eternal design of the application.

What deduction can be made from this comparison?

It can be said that choosing a singular platform might be confusing, but what you can do is, determine your intended customers, suppose if you are planning to launch this app in the Western countries such as Canada, San Francisco or New York your target will be developing an iOS-based app as the population of iOS users are more compared to the Asian countries. 

However, the rich group of people goes for iOS be it any region on the Earth. Hence, first, you have to understand who is going to be your customers, for getting an accurate cost of mobile application development in India, and for determining on which platform you will launch this app.

Who is your target audience?

This is the area where you need to think about your target audience, the most important and thought worthy area in a business model is the determination of your audience. This will certainly confuse you while a proper survey can help. 

The survey can be conducted on determining what is the purpose of your app, who will be benefited with those features and how will they use it for fulfilling that purpose. In simple terms, you need to understand the functionality of the app and determine who will be your customers or users. 

Using the example of Snapdeal will teach us how it successfully upset its audience thinking about the quality while leaving behind quantity, however, if we see similar apps such as Amazon and Flipkart went on taking the market by storm while winning the delicate hearts of its customers. 

These small and tiny mistakes can overthrow the idea you had on making a successful app and your customers will be delighted on using that app. However, your target audience can only be determined when you have a business model and you have planned on how you will execute it.

Which kind of business model will you use?

A business model is required as that is how you can determine all the above-mentioned points and all the factors which will determine the Cost of mobile application development in India without a proper business ideal you will find yourself to be lost after a few steps while traveling the development route for launching an app.   

You can consider these questions:

  • What will be the product that you will be selling?
  • What will your app be? A paid app or a free app?
  • Will you keep the options of in-app purchases?
  • Will you advertise your product? Will, a third party do it for you?
  • Which is the platform preferred by your target audience?
  • What will be the role of visual design in your app’s interface?
  • Which device will you use to integrate the responsiveness of your app?
  • What will be the features which will be added to your app?
  • Will you add basic features or advanced features?
  • How will your app function? 
  • Why will your target audience download your app when there are so many others?

This is a set of questions I prepared so that you can understand what you have to think about and formulate a plan for later executing them when you have started with your business and have successfully launched your app. 

With these questions, you will be able to determine the time frame involved in building the app as well as the Cost of mobile application development in India. If you are planning to make a paid app the in-app purchase will automatically be integrated into the process of development plus it will be easier to integrate this feature in a paid app.  

If you have a strict budget, then you must understand that making an e-commerce app development will be way more complicated than other apps it will also be costly. But as the Cost of mobile application development in India is comparatively lesser than the Western countries you might be able to cut a good deal.  

However, all these factors and functionalities depending on your customer and what kind of app you will be developing a paid app, e-commerce app or a free app?  

What kind of app are you planning to launch?

The kinds of app that you can make are:

  • Free App
  • Paid App
  • E-commerce App 

A free app is always free for download form any of the platforms be it Android or iOS, with a completely different revenue generation system. By the way, do you know how free apps make money? There is actually a bigger sphere for free apps to make money, as it is free you will get a lot of downloads. 

There is an option of in-app purchases which will be a means for giving out attractive offers for your customers to fall prey in. For example, Clash Royale is quite an old game yet with active players, recently they introduced the Royale Pass which can be bought using $4.99 offering a bundle load of items and access which made a ton of people go ahead and buy this pass. 

A free app will bring in revenue through in-app advertisements, and affiliate marketing. A free app can be used to gain your customers’ loyalty as they will understand that this is a free app and no payment will be involved for accessing the app. However, for a paid app will make money on each download, as it is already entitled to being a paid app. 

Numerous paid apps can be found on iOS and Android starting from a dollar to $25 hence if you have to set the right prices on the payment for making that app. The Cost of mobile application development in India will also depend on these factors. This is also a considerable area that your customers might or might not be willing to pay for your app. 

When it comes to an e-commerce app it is evident that such an app will make money by selling items or products by your company or act as a marketplace with different items on sale, by which you can earn commissions. Even this app permits in-app advertisements for the products you will be selling. 

Okay, so you have come a long way, most of the areas which will involve costing has been covered whereas we still don’t know about the features, after determining what kind of app you will have checked out the features which you include becomes important before we move on to the development and designing part.  

What are the features that you will include in your app?

The time for describing the features has finally arrived. These features will play an important role in the Cost of mobile application development in India. As some features can be complicated including them might be on the costlier side. 

While if we talk about the basic features that an app has we can make our list look something like this:

Registration and Login

This is the initial step that your user will have to complete before being able to use the app. This can also be called the initial feature that you will have to add, for drawing information from your user is highly necessary for storing data on that user. This feature will allow your user to either register or login in they are done registering earlier. This will also show that you care for your users. This process can also be completed using Google or Facebook registration.

User Profile

A user profile is found in almost all the apps, even in the gaming apps. This is the feature where all the information of the user is recorded. This information can be viewed by other users of the app which will make the users friendly towards each other as they have already gotten an idea of how the user is. This profile can be edited, managed and altered by the user and no one else.


Are introduced in apps for engaging the user in an app. These bots are responsible for generating leads and enhancing sales by arising interest in the user’s mind. These bots are interactive and are very useful according to the users.

Push Notification

Is used as a constant reminder for the user that the app exists in their phone and it is about time they should visit and app and start using it which will again work as an engaging factor, however sending notifications frequently might angry the users hence, these can be generated from time-to-time without making the user delete the app. This also provides some kind of information or message that the app generates.

Location recognizer

Nothing but the geographic location recognizer, which is used by a number of apps for geotagging or locating where the user actually is. These are generally used in apps that are for cab services or are social media apps. Nowadays even game apps use geo-locations, an active example is Pokemon Go. 

Social media integration

This is an important feature that will allow your users to connect with social media sites where you can share the same post, or achievement, or message that they will share or achieve in your app.


This is a feature mostly found in e-commerce apps as well as some free apps who offer in-app purchase policies, however, you can make money with you free app by in-app advertisements, adding sponsors, etc. Whereas, for a paid app the payment is already made using Google Play or App Store.

Chatting service

This can be called an advanced feature but users love this feature for some reason, they love to interact with each other which helps the user stay engaged in your app chatting away with the other users. 


The search button is a necessary feature that will be able to help the users make a search for something in particular other than looking manually. This will interest your users for better usage of the app. 

These features are the basic features that you can consider adding, while there can be other features that might look highly necessary to include depending on the app that you will be making. The feature will depend on the app that you will create.

Thereafter, the Cost of mobile application development in India will depend on the features that you want to include. However, the development and design will give you further insight into the Cost of mobile application development pattern. 

How will you design the app? And What about development? 


It is crucial when it comes to designing an app and app development cost in India will be based on how you want to design the app. As it is the design that will attract your customers. If you don’t have a good design you might lose the audience you are targeting. This property can easily be ignored while it is an important area for concentration. The companies that have focused on the design have made themselves a huge market for business.

Here are a few guidelines you should follow when it comes to designing:

  1. It should be fruitful
  2. Easy to use and understandable
  3. Long-lasting and sturdy
  4. Make it drop-dead attractive 
  5. Innovative and associated it the upcoming technologies
  6. Make it simple or you might end you providing more that would have come as a surprise later
  7. The product enhancement as in its fruitfulness and emphasis on the product should be maintained
  8. The consistency for running on all devices and platforms

You might have heard that expansive things have better quality? It is the same in terms of designers’ design, a $100 designer won’t be able to produce a better design that a $1000 designer. For making your app look outstanding spending these dollar bills will not count in cost whereas you can call it an investment. 

With an amazing design, your user won’t uninstall the app as soon as they install it, whereas indulging in the functions and features your app provides. The User Experience is everything for you as it will make the platform for word of mouth, hence, the graphics must be top-notch. For having a better understanding of UI, UX design read along to determine the Cost of mobile application development in India depending on the design.


There is an array of fields that you will have to consider when it comes to developing an app. So, you have decided a business model, you have selected your target audience, you have made up your mind on which platform you will launch your app and you have also determined the functions and features of your app. Now, the question is who will develop the app?

You can rely on freelancers and form up a team for yourself. This group of freelancers might or might not be experienced depending on the work they have been doing. When you hire freelancers you will have to hire a good number of developers who will be working for you in completing the development of your project. It will not cost you much you hire one such freelancer but it will cost a fair amount when the team will be bigger with them providing you the different cost charts they will have. These freelancers can be hired with a lost cost initially, whereas over a longer period of time it will become costlier.

Moving on to the smaller companies who can cost you a less amount of money and will provide you with 4-12 developers who will be working on your app. These companies might or might not have the experience required to build an app, however, they will take a fair amount of time in developing your app just like the freelancers. 

Coming down to bigger enterprises, they might be a bit costly but will definitely win in terms of experience and work. This team won’t displease you as they have been doing development works for quite some time. This team will complete your work on time, meet your development requirements plus you can opt for customizing the app which will cut you some Cost of mobile application development in India.

What did you think about maintenance and support? 

Maintenance is very important as without which you will not be able to provide updates and changes that you would want to make, over time. The technical support for managing these updates, APIs, data, user profiles and keeping track of the customer’s behavior. Without proper support for maintaining the app will not do what it was meant to do initially.

Adding new features will cost you, while 20% of your total app development cost in India will be spent on intensifying the features which are already and added for enhancing the app. As technology is constantly developing with which comes new features and updates, without those your app will be outdated and lose the market it had started building. 

Your users can only have a seamless experience in using your app once it is looked after properly, with the proper support for adding new features time-to-time    

Any plans on licensing and the legalizing of the app?

As you know after developing an app you won’t be able to launch it until you secure it. It is a definite measure so that no one else can copy or earn a profit from your app. There are these things that won’t add into your direct app development cost in India, however making these payments will be necessary once your app is complete. 

Your idea is yours hence it is something you will want to protect, hence your app can only be completely yours when you go through a series of processes like Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents. The information on your app will become your intellectual property after you patent your app this will keep the web-burglars away and all your profit will be yours.

Copyrights, as you might know, will keep stopping your personal content both written and visual from being exploited and copied elsewhere. You can trademark the name you will be using if you think it is unique so that no one else can use it. These small yet necessary investments are one time and will protect your property for a lifetime. 

Several apps require licensing due to the templates they use. However, launching your app on iOS or Android will mandate you to get a license for that app. This is for your protection as you can control the access and protect it from any harm.   

The Cost of mobile application development

To determine the Cost of mobile application development we must know a fair amount of time and cost is involved in the process of developing an app. Now if the app is a simple one, it will not take much time whereas if it is complex and is combined with advanced features it will take almost three to six months for development. 

If you are making a basic app, without a backend database, social media integration, or API functions it will cost you almost $2000 to $10,000 which will cost you around $8,000 $13,000 in the US whereas, your job will be done at half the price in India.

This will take the new developers one to three months for building the app. Depending on what platform you are using and in which country the development process is undergoing will cost you near about $10,000 to $40,000. 

For building a complex app, experienced developers will be required for working on the backend, APIs, social media integration, support along with advanced functionalities and features.

This might cost you quite a bit, approximately $40,000 to $80,000. With the extra charges and tax, your outstanding from a US firm will be $100,000 whereas, with the same skill set without compromising on the quality of the product an Indian company will bill you $35,000. 

Research has shown that it takes about 8 weeks to complete the development process which is 320 working hours, the companies who charge you on an hourly basis will charge you for these 320 hours of development.

However, a simple app will cost you $48,000 in the US and $4,800 in India. While a complex app will cost you $38,000 in Indian and $250,000 in the US. Hence maximum hosts refer to software development outsourcing from India, for managing their budgets.  

What did we conclude from the article?

So, after reading this article you will get a fair share of an idea about the cost of mobile application development in India, not only that you also got the information that will be extremely necessary for developing an app.

I hope this article has fed your curiosity on how to develop an app and what will be the app development cost in India. You might have understood what you will do and how you will execute your plan accordingly.

Before saying hasta la vista I would like to say that your comments and reviews are most welcome. We are happy to help you by providing content on different topics, on the other hand, you might have seen other blogs but I hope this blog was equally informative and useful for you, If not let us know and we will work on producing a better output every time.

If you have any kind of requirements regarding developing or designing an app do not hesitate to contact us, we are one leading software company developing and designing new apps day in and day out.

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

Your winning idea is super secure with our NDA

You have an idea, We have the way to make it a reality

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