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Everything around us becomes outdated right after its release as something new is already in its making. A musician called Hozier said, “I fall in love just a little, oh, little bit every day with someone new.” That is where we are right now.

The newness attracts us. Hence, the age-old methods of meeting a person have become obsolete. The ability to match people depending on their thought process, similar interests, etc has become inevitable. Time will heal as well as perish everything but the will power will keep you moving.   

The fad of dating culture has touched us as well, we at Vyrazu Labs have recently started working on developing similar apps, hence I felt like sharing the documentation over the internet for enthusiasts like you to utilize it for creating a dating app. Today, we will share important facts regarding how to make a dating app.

Many apps and websites have integrated into becoming something that can match people based on similarity, compatibility, etc which by the use of machine learning can easily be obtained. Hence, the practice started with matching people online and the ones who worked behind this up-gradation were apps like eHarmony, Tinder, OkCupid, etc.

At first, we focus on the groundwork that we have to know before you can build a dating app. When we are onto creating a dating app we will have to focus on different grounds that will take us through making and monetizing the app. 

Here goes everything:

The technicalities we need to make a dating app  

Before you learn how to make a dating app you must understand the techniques that dating apps follow. This is a fast-moving generation and we all want things to get done as quickly as possible.

The user who will be downloading your app will want to “find someone already” right after they are done filling their details or questionnaires. For this fast-moving generation, you have to think of something that will be simple, easy to use, fast, and really useful or your dream of creating a dating app might go in vain. 

-So, what can you do? 

-Understand the points given below for utilizing them accordingly.

Location-based search

This technique is very old and it is often very useful. It is seen that people who are in close proximity, matching works better. It is certain that if you live in California it will be better if you get someone in or around California other than searching for someone in Australia. When you create a dating app it will be good if you consider keeping this technique as an option. It works, trust me it does! 

Behavior dependent search

Understanding someone’s behavior can be tough, as no AI is so strong that it can predict what a person will do in a given situation.

Since our mind is a complex entity only predictions can be made using certain probabilities on the questions asked by these apps. Hence this process is not always accurate as a person might unconsciously enter something they thought of right then far apart from the real situation. While you build a dating app make sure to think before you choose this technique. 

Research-based search

A match that is calculated by conducting research on human activity has been proven to be an effective way by which matching users have been successful. A questionnaire is provided to all the users as they fill it up. Based on their answers the match recommendations will pop up. This is calculated by seeing similar answers and interests of the users.

An app called OkCupid uses a rather complex method to conduct the research. They ask the user to fill in the answers as well as fill in the answers they would like the other users to enter, depending on that analysis, further matching is done. Making a dating app might seem easy, then comes examples like these which make your eyebrows raise. 

Machine matching methods 

As Pink Floyd said, “Welcome, my son, welcome to the machine”. So, here we are. Few advanced methods are used for a better user interface and user experience. These are completely based on machine learning. As we know, now machine learning has an influence on almost all the apps that we use, starting from Facebook to Netflix.

By using similar techniques that entertainment websites and apps provide a dating app can do the same to recommend users to other users. With the help of machine learning, virtual reality, and augmented reality, the evolution of dating apps will see the bright blue sky once again. While you make a dating app you might think of these strings to be useful. 

The methodology we need to make a dating app

The category of social apps extends to great possibilities. While you are making a dating app you must know that it falls under the category of social media. Hence, it is evident that these apps employ interaction between the users for meeting the special needs of the users. You won’t find a dating app similar to the other.

The dating apps institute certain unique features so that they do not look like one another that helps in the process of building a dating app without being an exact clone of each other.

Producing a product that will help the users to get attracted to your app is again necessary. Why? Because you are here for business. Although you will not be able to put everything that you learn from this article into your app, what you can do is take an example from the experienced while you create a dating app.

Almost all the dating apps have introduced a tutorial before the user can start using the app. This will help your users to understand how the app works and instantly make a scope for traffic. 

Make a dating app- inserting the features 

So we have learned. Learned about the common techniques a dating app follows and how it actually works or grabs traffic. Now the question is what is the feature which helps to determine the cost of making a dating app. It is completely up to you what features you want to add while depending on these features your users will determine whether to use it or not. 

Important features to consider when it comes to how to make a dating app::

User Registration and login- 

This feature is one of the basic features that your app should have as in this area the user fills in the necessary details for registering in your app. An existing user can just log in. In the registration process, many apps ask for the details right then which is going to be used or portrayed in the user profile. 

Profile of the user- 

The user profile will project the users’ pictures, details they have provided on themselves, suppose the choice of music, movies, interests, etc. This profile will be viewed by the users who have matched with you. This is the area where the users can gather information on each other.


When we are making a dating app using notification is very important. As the users are very eager to know if they matched with the person they were expecting a match with or someone they are crushing on already is texting them or not. Hence the influence of notification should be a prime concern.


With the help of this feature, the user can choose a location where they will be finding someone or just adjust the distance slider to choose the area of selection. This feature also helps the user to check how far they are from each other. In Tinder, there is an option in the user’s bio stating how many kilometers that user is at from the user who is viewing their profile. Identifying the location and calculating how far one is from another is definitely something interesting.


As this is the making of a dating app and dating can not be done without talking with each other. This as you already might know is a mandatory feature. With the help of this feature, the users are able to chat with the matched contacts.

In many apps, the call feature has also been introduced with the influence of video calls on some of the apps. However, a chat option is present so that the users can share chats, stickers or GIFs (optional) and other such items.


The advancement of technology has changed everything. It has always showered its influence on the matching feature. With the help of AI-based code intelligent matches on hobbies, age, gender, etc the matches can be done. This is a way to understand human nature according to which like-minded people can be matched.


If you are focusing on making a dating app taking the advice from the experienced. This is a feature you will want to insert in your features list. Almost all the dating apps use the swiping technique i.e. when the user swipes right they like the other user and swiping left will just mean, “next please”.

Help and feedback- 

This is a feature all the apps provide not only dating apps. This is for better user experience. There should be an area where the users can report, complain, and make the necessary search for a problem that may arise. This will be connected with your end of the app like an admin panel from where you can control your app by solving major problems, blocking users, etc. When you are making a dating app doesn’t give a scope to the users to complain about the management system.


The settings feature will allow the user to control the basic functions of the app, like adjusting the age and distance sliders. This will also help in muting notifications, the sound of the notification, calling feature adjustment (if any), etc.

Make a dating app

This process will consist of the development and design of the app which will help you understand how to make a dating app.

Make a dating app: Designing the dating app

When you are designing the app remember to make it as simple as possible, no one will visit your app to see your artwork. The users are there for choosing a soulmate they don’t care what the design is, it just has to be efficient and easy to use, that’s it. 

So here are some notable points you must keep in mind.

  1. Make a business plan
  2. Give a name the users will remember 
  3. Focus on the UI/UX design
  4. Scoop out the target audience

At first, you will need a business plan to make a dating app. In this business plan, you will have to include everything from development to advertising. This is the initial steps of creating a dating app are: 

  • In this step, you will determine which company you will outsource to
  • What are the set of instructions you will give to the developers and the designers
  • On which platform will you launch the app
  • What is your marketing strategy 
  • How will make the marketing strategy work 
  • And at the end, who will take care of the support and management of the app. 

After you are done giving out the brief on the development and design process you will have to think about giving such a name that will be easy and attractive. Names like Tinder, Bumble are cute hence, remembered by the users. This will later help in spreading the word of mouth which will be good for your business.

You have to focus on the UI/UX design. You can craft anything till it is simple. The color combinations and simple design will only pull the traffic in your app. It does not have to be something very great like the artworks we see in auctions, just a sweet and simple design will work in the case of a dating app. 

Scooping the target audience is an essential work that you will have to do before you start making a dating app. This is where you determine if your app will be age oriented or gender-oriented. There are many apps which only servers the users searching for same-gender users, this app can be crafted with one particular gender.

But if your app is built on both the interfaces which will allow each of the gender to use it then you will have to search out the age of your users. If you are targeting the group 18-40 you will be able to cover the maximum population of users who uses a dating app. If you target 41 and above then that will only be for this certain group.

It is not mandatory however, both age groups can access your app but that might get rather “complicated”.

Well after the design process ends the making of the dating app will still be incomplete. Without development, no app is ever complete.

Make a dating app: Development of a dating app

So, we are in the dating app development process, already! If you outsource your project to us we will help you build a dating app and design it will also help you set up your business accordingly. We have been leading software company with many notable awards down our bags. So, we won’t mess up. Let me share with the technology that the developers will follow for developing a dating app. 

  1. Frameworks– Node.js, Express.js, React Native, Next.js, Angular, React Router, 
  2. Programming languages– Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective C
  3. Database– MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Amazon S3, Redis, Cloud storage
  4. Payment methods– Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay Others 
  5. Web-servers– IIS, Apache, Nginx 
  6. Basic features– Optimizely, Firebase, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Fabric, Twilio, Elasticsearch

These are the few basic tools used for creating a dating app. As you can see the framework and programming language are used to write the program. The database is used to draw and store data. The web servers will make your program run the real world and the payment method will make a scope for revenue flow in your app. The other requirements such as sending OTP, location recognizer, making it work faster, etc can be accessed from the list of basic features. 

Bagging the extra cash to make a dating app successful

Okay, all the areas of development have been taken care of now let us focus on how you can bag the extra cash after making a dating app. There is no use of making the app paid, as making money is a lot easier when your app is free. Once you know how free apps make money there will be a hundred and one way by which you can draw that extra cash straight to your bank account. 

Maximum free apps use the premium features option for introducing user payment in their apps. This is what premium features do:

Advertisement free app: If you pay a certain amount the users will be able to access the app without any intrusion of advertisements whatsoever. The app will be much better for users. As the ads come as a swipe option many times the ads get swiped unintentionally which is rather irritating so, the users who don’t pay much attention will like to get the ads out of the app.

Shrewd swipe: Some apps use machine intelligence to organize the user’s search according to the preferences they have, or the users that particular user might swipe right are put accordingly. This is done to make a user appear in the user’s profiles who that user has liked, this helps the user to increase chances of getting swiped right.

Account raise: When the user wants to be the first one to appear in the swipe option they can make a payment to do that for a certain amount of time. Like in Tinder we have seen there are two different options of Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold by accessing those options certain users will appear in a recommendation as ‘super likable people you might like’. 

Unlimited swipes: In a dating app there is a swipe regulator. It does not allow all the users to swipe as many users as they want in a day. To have unlimited swipe rates a payment has to be made which will allow the user to make unlimited swipes, for a limited time or it can be a monthly basis system. 

Other ways to monetize your dating app is:

Affiliate Marketing- The other dating apps will want you to promote their app. If you promote their app and your users install that app as well it’s a win-win for both the apps. This will help you grow in the market as well as you can know your competitors better.

Advertisements- There will be sponsored ads which will be posted in your app. These ads will be paid ads and this a technique used by almost all the app owners who are doing business with their apps. 

Gift items- This is a feature that can be unlocked by making a payment and it is exclusively for the users who want to send gifts to other users. Many gift shops sponsor their products with dating apps to promote their products. Gifts such as greetings, flowers, soft toys, etc can be availed from this gift shop.

Concluding to:

Why do you think a dating app is necessary? Don’t you think about how to make a dating app that makes the user’s life much easier? Well, a dating app will truly be helpful to users who are shy, busy, and introverted. Well, with the different users comes a different mentality. The ones who are too busy or shy or is an introvert, a dating app make interaction much easier, right? If they can access the app without even having to meet that person initially.

A dating app will help users to find matches near them which is can what maximum users will want, you know what I mean, right? However, there will be a scope to keep unwanted people away, only matched people will be able to talk to each other. If a user does not like another user they can just unmatch them to end the story right there. It will be better if there is a good base for users to choose from, right? If you don’t explore how will you learn: is the mantra

Anyways, enough giggles spread. I hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to make a dating app. Please don’t forget to leave your comment or feedback on anything that concerned you. I hope to see you soon in a meeting on how to make a dating app. If you have any questions please reach out to us we are happy to help you.

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

Your winning idea is super secure with our NDA

You have an idea, We have the way to make it a reality

Vyrazu Labs, a global leader in the area of robust digital product development

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