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Buying something online has become a trend, don’t you think? Whenever we need something we turn to an e-commerce site and look for the products that will best suit our needs. In the first two articles, we had discussed the on-demand services which provide you with the delivery on the same day.

This blog will talk about the on-demand service apps where the service providers move from Point A to Point B on a different day. As you might know, deliveries involving different companies/brands take time as they have to be dispatched from their store to reach you. It could take a day or as long as 5 to 7 days to reach you. 

We at Vyrazu Labs have made sure that we inform you about all the existing online services that are here to help you. As we inform you about almost all types of service apps in these three articles, we also accomplish the notion that we are capable of building all these apps. Over the years our practice has brushed our skills. Building a service app with a feature-rich interface and admirable user experience is our strength. Read about it all right after the apps in the fourth section of this blog.

If you haven’t read our previous articles visit on-demand service apps and on demand delivery applications page so that you can relate all the three parts.

You have to admit that the online service apps have made our lives easier and we can save a lot of time and money. As the e-commerce services offer us with numerous offers. There is another facility that we get, i.e. we are able to find almost all the necessary merchandise in one app. 

The division of On Demand Service Apps 

Ample e-commerce sites are operating within the closed circle of the e-commerce business. Many fall under this category of services moving from Point A to Point B but not on the same day. It might already be clear to you why this happens.

We are here to discuss the existing on-demand e-commerce services that help you shop online applying different offers they have to offer. The best thing about these apps is that, they guarantee you a safe delivery and if you don’t like the product when it appears or there is any kind of defect or issues with the product you are free to exchange it. 

Let us discuss the on-demand e-commerce service apps that will help you meet your needs.


We don’t even purchase medicine from medicine shops anymore, I mean why should we when the maximum on-demand e-commerce medicine suppliers are providing so much. Most of the apps are well suited for being an all in one medical app as they provide you with medicines as well as other medical needs. Let us go through the apps that will help you fulfill your medical needs.

  1. PharmEasy

    This on-demand ecommerce medicine app is for booking diagnostic tests, online blood tests, full body check-up and of course it delivers medicines. The best feature of this app is that it will provide you with fast delivery of 1-2 days in select few cities. With the help of the camera, you will be able to take pictures of the medication that you are undergoing and you will be able to get monthly refills.

  2. Netmeds 

    This is probably the only app that delivers in any city of India. With this app, you will not only be able to book your medicines you will also get refill reminders when your medication will be complete. This app offers you with doorstep delivery option like all the other apps. 

    Source- Google Play Store(Netmeds)

  3. Medlife

    Using Medlife you will be able to consult a doctor online, shop OTC medicines, book lab tests and manage health conditions. Hence, this is one of the all in one app that not only helps you to book medicines but also helps you to keep track of your health and get doctor’s appointments whenever necessary without stepping out of your house. 

  4. 1 mg- Online Medical Store & Healthcare App

    1 mg is one of the best on-demand ecommerce medicine apps that will not only bring medicines to your doorstep but also provide you with ample medical solutions. You will be able to book lab tests and health check-ups and you will be able to consult a doctor online. This app provides you with health tips regularly to keep you healthy and hygienic. 

  5. Sasta Sundar

    This on-demand ecommerce medicine app helps you get your requested medicines to your doorstep. It also allows you to book lab tests, get doctors’ appointments, and consult physiotherapists online. When you can use this app you will be able to do a lot of things from the same app without worrying about anything going wrong. 

    Source- Google Play( Sasta Sundar)

  6. Drugs.com Medication Guide

    Drugs.com provides you with some of the best features that will not fail to attract you. Using this app not only allows you to order medicines online but you also be able to perform other interesting activities. This app has an in-built pill identifier in which you can state the shape or color and it will show you the possible results.

    This app has any medicine that you want, for any disorder. It has an interaction checker for checking what might happen when you take the medication. The best thing that this app has is the symptom checker, side effects and dosage from different medications, and you will be able to set up your personal medical records on this app. 


It is definitely fun to bargain with the shopkeeper while we go to purchase groceries. The other thing is that it consumes a lot of our time. The on-demand e-commerce grocery apps help you save time and also provides you with exciting offers, just like bargaining don’t you think? The main point here is when we have the facility to get our necessary items delivered to our doorstep then why won’t we use it, right? Check out the grocery apps that will best serve you.

  1. Grofers 

    Grofers is among one of the leading on-demand grocery apps which will offer you grocery items, household daily use products like shampoos, soaps, etc. Grofers will deliver your grocery with a couple of days without. If you are not satisfied with the final items that reached you then you can return them and get your money back.

    Source- Google Play(Grofers)

  2. Bigbasket

    Bigbasket is one of the very first on-demand e-commerce grocery apps in India. When you are searching in an app how many languages do they allow you? Well, Bigbasket allows you to type in seven languages and promises delivery in 90 minutes. Bigbasket like all the other on-demand grocery apps provides you with almost all the household goods that you need for regular use. 

  3. Spencer’s 

    This on-demand grocery app is one of the examples of a physical store opting for an app, to grow their business. Spencer’s is an amazing example of actually having succeeded in increasing sales. We all might know what Spencer’s delivers, items that all the other daily good providers provide. Starting from food items to bathroom cleaners they have it all and will deliver anything you want.

  4. Nature’s Basket Online Grocery

    This on-demand grocery app is a Godrej product, which is also responsible for delivering you with daily products that have to be refilled every now and then. Nature’s Basket Online Grocery claims that they confirm your order instantly, also provides you with schedule delivery and a three-hour express delivery. Suppose you forget to order the main ingredient for the recipe that you will make in dinner just order online and get it before you can cook dinner.

    natures basket
    Source- Goggle Play(Nature’s Basket)

  5. Grocery 2 Home 

    This on-demand e-commerce grocery app is best known for its customer service as they call their customers to check if they are satisfied with their services or not. So, when you are using this app you not only get your groceries delivered you also get good customer support that you can look back to.  

  6. Metro Online

    Metro is another example of an offline store opening up an on-demand grocery app. This approach is just to increase sales and revenue of both their online and offline stores. When you order your necessary times from this app you will be able to choose a preferred time for delivery according to your convenience.


This is no secret that we no longer visit the retail stores, mainly for two reasons the packed crowd and the overpriced items with offers. When you can get almost everything starting from electronic appliances to garments why go anywhere else? The best part, you don’t have to tire yourself looking around the entire shop, just scrolling will solve your purpose. You might know about all the shopping apps that have taken the internet by storm, however, let’s jog your memory and see how many you actually remember about.   

  1. Flipkart

    I don’t want to embrace myself speaking about what we get in Flipkart and why we use it. What I am really gonna do is tell you what’s new. As you already know, Flipkart has items starting from garments to appliances to shoes and various unique categories of goods. Did you know that it also has started operating in Hindi? There are other new implementations like you can play a game to win rewards, watch premium movies and other such exciting integrations.

  2. Amazon  

    The first time we met Amazon it was an on-demand e-commerce app, right now it is so many things. Amazon provides you with OTT services, cloud-hosting services and many other services that only make your life easy. So might know that Amazon has an amazing delivery service using which we can buy literally anything on this on-demand service. It also provides you with 1-day delivery options, so that if you have an emergency don’t worry Amazon will take care of you.   

    Source- Google Play(Amazon)

  3. ShopClues

    This app is dedicated to giving lots of offers and supplying us with many products from different kinds. This app is known for giving unique offers on different events. By using Shopclues you will be able to shop online with any fear of being cheated. As we all know that all the on-demand e-commerce apps provide us with the return option.

  4. Snapdeal

    Snapdeal offers you free delivery with a given distance and selected product. Snapdeal is also an app that will help you to search for any kinds of products that you feel the need of. You won’t have to worry about EMIs as all the apps nowadays provide that option with its own advancements. 

    Source- Google Play(Snapdeal)

  5. Myntra 

    With Myntra you will be able to shop from different famous brands and get an express delivery option. Myntra also offers you a list of products starting from garments to electronic appliances. The best thing about Myntra is that it will offer you brand items at a good rate and a good delivery speed. 

  6. eBay

    On eBay, you will, of course, get all the items ranging from garments to appliances and everything in between. The other things that you will be able to buy from eBay are cars and motorcycles. eBay is one of the first on-demand e-commerce apps in India and it sure has shown its colors to its loyal customers.

 The features of the on-demand service apps  

There are so many things that you can include in your service app. But you have to choose the salient features initially so that your customers like your app. There is no bar in introducing features, the more the merrier. First, you will have to think about the budget you have then decide what to include and what not to.

I mean all of us have once used an e-commerce service and we know the number of features that are stacked in there. The only catch here is where they did not look the same from the very beginning, they have gone through multiple updates to look like what they are right now. 

The initial features that you could fill in your app are:

  1. Login and Registration

    This is very important for all the on-demand service apps as you will be able to draw in a lot of information right from the first step. When you allow your user to login and register you give them their personal account that they can customize or look at with their preferred items in the recommendation.  

  2. Smart search

    It won’t matter what features you stack in your app unless you have a smart search. The smart search will allow your users to filter their search as per their choice of goods. Another benefit of smart search is that you would know which customer is searching for what and produce the recommendation accordingly. 

  3. One-Click feature

    When you are running a service app you need to provide your customer with the one-click checkout and payment option. 

  4. Tracking order

    As you are running an on-demand service business you could add the tracking option for the product. It, however, is an advanced option that you can avoid initially but still provide your customers with a basic tracking system that will make them love your app. I mean, come on we all wait for our parcels desperately, once we can track it that hits the right spot, trust me.  

  5. Push Notification

    The importance of push notification in an on-demand service app is that it allows you to stay connected with your users, by notifying them about the new arrivals, offers, and many more such developments. Your customers will know that you care about them, on the contrary, if you do not over send texts that might annoy them.

  6. Payment Gateways

    This is where you show generosity and add as many payment gateways that you can. You won’t possibly know which gateway is used by your user and adding fewer gateways might be the weakness of your app. 

  7. Return and Cancellation

    Once you have got into the on-demand service business you will have to give your user the liberty to return and cancel orders. If you are being naive about this you might end up getting bad reviews and no word of mouth publicity at all.

  8. Activity history

    When you are making a service app, you might add the feature that shows the history of your customers’ activity. This again is an advanced feature that can come later. However, this feature will be a great help to both you and your customer to keep a track of the activity that spun in your app.    

  9. Review and Ratings

    This is one of the must-have features that will allow your user to show how they feel about the products as well as check the ratings and reviews before buying anything. When you actually cannot do the sales influence in person let your customers do it for each other.

  10. List of products

    There should be a list of products under different categories so that they can navigate easily through the range of products/services that you provide.

  11. Geolocation tracker

    The service apps have to be integrated with the geolocation tracker. This is applicable for all the on-demand service apps, as all of them have to be tracked down by both the service provider and the user. The geolocation tracker will give you help for your customers to follow the service or product that you are offering. The service provider will also be able to seek out where they have to reach to complete the transaction. 

  12. Help and Feedback

    The FAQ section cannot be omitted, many customers have various problems with the services of the app and they need answers on how to make those problems go away. However, in this age of technology, it’s better if you integrate a chatbot into your app for better customer service.  

So, here are the initial features that will make your app rock the world of your customers. There are many other features that you can add as soon as your app comes up age and is ready for an update. If you want to elaborately know about these features or you want to know what are the other unique features, just contact us so that we can inform you with an elaborated list.

Development of the on-demand service apps 

Before we go through with the development, we have to consider the steps that are involved in the first stages of your development. 



Before you can start off with your development you will have to plan out the entire process. This means that you will have to make plans on how the design will look, what features you will include, the structure of the app, which platform you will choose to launch the app in and if you want to test your app with a beta version.

You will have to document all these explaining what will be included and how your app will work. The actual decision comes after that, i.e. who is going to do the development for you. If you are thinking of getting the same quality item at a good range. I suggest you outsource your development to eastern countries like India so that you get all the desired features at a low cost.

After you are done with planning and you have decided if you will outsource your development or not you will be led to an array of tech stack from which you can choose from for the development. There is nothing to fear about as all the developers use the same frameworks for the process as the maximum frameworks are open-source and available to all. 


When the development process starts the developers will ask you a series of questions like which is the platform you choose, what are the features, etc. Answers to these will be easy as you would have already documented the work that has to be done. Now the question is where will the development take place? If I were to joke I would say in our lab, but this is no joke hence I will tell you about the tech stack which is used for such developments.

  1. Native applications for-
    1.1. iOS Development- Swift or Objective C  
    1.2. Android development- Java or Kotlin   
  2. Hybrid applications– for both the platform will use React Native, PhoneGap, Angular, Sencha (this, now is the part of Ext JS)
  3. Web applications– will use frameworks like Laravel, any Python or PHP or Ruby framework, asp.net, etc.

As soon as the development process ends your app will be set out for testing, the success of the test will be your final product which will be ready for dispatch. During the development process you will be able to check each and every step of the development, you can even use trackers for the same reason. This will help you to stay in close contact with both the development company and your on-demand service app


An on-demand service app is slightly different from the other apps as you will also earn a good amount of commission from the brands, shops, products, service providers, and other such inclinations that you involve in your app for a successful purchase.

On the contrary, you can also include premium features so that your users with paying a little extra can get more exciting offers and services from your app. As you are already doing a money-based business, you don’t need to think about anything else that can help you make more money.   

I hope you liked reading this blog. This was the last and final part of the series of on-demand service apps that will give you the outlook of how many such services are operating in the market.

If you think I have missed out on something do leave a comment or feedback, articles look best with critical appreciation, you know that right. If you are interested in making on-demand service apps contact us and get the best price options depending on the features and design that you choose.

Just as I can’t discuss the money as I don’t know your requirements I won’t even be able to give a certain time for the development. Oh, did I mention? That we are one of the leading software development companies who will be able to provide you with any solution that you need to be dealt with. Call us and check that out for yourself.  

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

Your winning idea is super secure with our NDA

You have an idea, We have the way to make it a reality

Vyrazu Labs, a global leader in the area of robust digital product development

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