Choosing the right technology is just like choosing the right life partner! If you choose the right one then both your life and project can be butter smooth. But if you choose the wrong one, the scenario will be no better than Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina!

However, when it comes to the right technology for both web and app development, and PHP are the common names. But when you will ask an expert developer which one to choose between these options, he/she will give you a common answer and that is ‘it depends’. It actually depends. Based on the project type and your requirements, you should choose the right technology. 

Now it seems inevitable that we should have deep knowledge about both of these technologies so that we can easily determine which one will be the best for a specific project. But there is another fact and that is they do not differ that much from each other. And that’s where a new bee developer gets confused! 

So, today we at Vyrazu Labs are planning to create an asp net vs PHP battlefield so that after this blog none of us lives with a vague idea about these technologies. We have done deep research in order to find major to minor differences between these technologies and those definitely have some effects on projects. 

So, without more ado, let’s jump into the asp net vs PHP battlefield-


We all know that PHP has been in practice for more than two decades. it has a solid fan base because of its strength and reliable nature. The term PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is also known as a server-side script language. In a simpler note, we can say that an application written in this language will run on the webserver instead of depending on the web browser.

According to expert developers, the area of use has shifted and now it is truly strong as well as versatile. And that’s why a large number of developers prefer this language instead of any other language available there. Experts also say that they do not need additional tools in some cases when they are using this great programming language. 

We will easily learn more about PHP if now we concentrate on its advantages and disadvantages. All the programming languages out there have some advantages as well as disadvantages based on the project type. And no difference in the case of PHP. 

Advantages of PHP

A wide range of available specialists- over the years, the popularity of PHP has reached the sky and that’s why there are numerous communities of developers. When there is a large number of specialists, the wages will be lower automatically than any other option. So, you can understand that it will also help you to effectively reduce the development cost. 

Generous documentation- If you choose PHP as your project’s programming language, you will get plenty of tutorials, manuals, and lots of other reference materials. These are going to help you effectively during an on-going project. For a beginner, these materials are just life-saving. Beginners can learn new as well as difficult things in an easier way with real-time examples. 

Improved loading speed- according to experts, PHP makes web pages load faster in comparison with other programming languages out there. In most use cases, PHP is nearly three times faster than python. So, you can understand it will also help you get the required SEO benefits.

Wide database selection option- it allows us to get connected with any kind of database out there. When it comes to effective as well as free database options, most professionals will suggest you MySQL. Apart from this one, there are a lot of choices that are perfectly compatible with PHP such as MS-SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and so on. 

Inexpensive and open-source software- it is free to use programming language. And that’s why when it comes to reducing the development cost, a lot of project managers just pick this language instead of other languages out there. Most of the useful development tools are open-source software and you can use them free of cost. 

Inexpensive hosting service- one of the most common scenarios for a PHP website is that the LAMP stack. In a simpler tone, we can say that in this way, a website will be working on a Linux system and it is going to use MySQL as a database. You know that all these elements are free and the technology stack is properly tested. So, you are going to save both time and expense for the development task. 

Excellent compatibility with HTML- PHP comes with embedded HTML programming and that’s why we can see this much combinability between these two top technologies. Experts say that generally PHP script does not interfere with the HTML codes but amazingly completes the remains inside the borders defined by PHP tags. 

Desired flexibility- PHP comes with the desired flexibility that it effectively gets combined with many other programming languages available today. So, in this way, you will be able to use different technology to build different features of your software and the software will be automatically efficient from every angle. 

Great compatibility with the cloud services- You may have seen that nowadays, modern companies prefer to use smart cloud computing solutions such as AWS. If you write an application in PHP, it will get supported by different cloud services. So, there’s no added headache for searching for a compatible cloud computing solution.

Disadvantages of PHP

In order to know the true winner of asp net vs PHP battle, knowing the drawbacks of PHP is also important. Without any doubt, it is a great technology choice when it comes to web development. But just like others it also has several disadvantages. What are those? Let’s explore below-

Lack of specialized libraries- we all know that machine learning is the next thing that we make us gaga. But when we focus on PHP, we can say that the set of libraries PHP presently has is not enough to beat the web applications written in python and empowered by machine learning. So, if your application needs Machine learning, PHP will not be the best solution. And in this way PHP can lose a score in asp net vs PHP battle. 

Security problems- Due to the open-source nature, the code vulnerability is one of the flaws that most of the developers struggle with. Apart from this, there is another flaw in our list and that is the low entry barrier for the beginner programmers. As a result, sometimes beginners cannot create the perfect application and for that PHP gets blamed. 

We have discussed the hidden pros as well as cons of PHP. Now we know both strengths and weaknesses and can guess how to overcome those if PHP is the sole choice for us. Now it is the time to discuss the same things about asp net in order to recognize the real winner of the asp net vs PHP battle. 


When it comes to creating web pages and stunning web technologies, lots of developers will pick at the first move. It stands for Active Server Pages.NET. It is a well-known framework and developed by Microsoft. When it has a tag like Microsoft, we can get a bit more sure that it will also satisfy our requirements at the desired level.
According to expert web designers who want to create amazing web pages by blending languages such as C# and VB, is their favorite choice. Apart from this, we can say that this programming language is not restricted to language scripting. Along with this, here you will also get the benefits of .Net languages. 

Now we should move towards its advantages and drawbacks so that we can accelerate the asp net vs PHP battle and recognize the actual winner. 

Advantages of

Proper storage customization- we have heard that some old identity management frameworks do not come with proper storage customization options. Either those options are subtle or cramped. But thanks to for making this regime smoother than ever.

Now you can easily separate the identity information storage from the security implementation code. We can say that now data storage has become streamlined. So, if you want to add extra data for a specific user, you can easily do that without taking help from any external tool. 

Speed- according to developers, when it comes to completing a web development task fast, there is no better option than They say that the programming environment and language come with a lot of benefits that simply let developers complete the web development task faster. 

This is really a huge advantage! When a company has multiple projects to run at the same time and each one has a strict deadline, this programming language can be a true savior.

Actually, it is a very common scenario for every web development company in 2020. So, you are a business owner from the same domain, you can choose this language to add some ease and pace to your work. In this way, you do not need to spend a lot of time on a project and you will save both time and money. 

Asynchronous support- there is another great benefit of having this programming language and that is most APIs in this framework are synchronous. So, we can say that this is not something that we can only enjoy today but according to experts, it has tomorrow’s benefits. 

These are the main three advantages that we get from and these have the ability to change the PHP battle scenario. And for sure there will be some areas where this language can lose the score. So, now we are going to concentrate on the drawbacks of programming language-

Drawbacks of

Windows-style- according to some developers, this programming language follows the style of the windows in many ways and they simply do not like that nature. The developers admit that because of this nature sometimes few awkward moments take place during the development of web-based applications. 

Leaky abstraction and luserRoleStore- according to expert developers, the interface of responsible for associating with users is complicated. I mean it makes things unnecessarily complicated. But there’s a relief and that is it is an optional interface. If developers need explicit role support only then they can take the help of this interface. 

Apart from this, leaky abstraction is the major cons that annoy developers and affect the process of web development. Here API implementation is not in the required manner. This is not a new problem- it was there and now it is here. We have heard that many improvements have been made to solve this issue but the problem is still there. So, we can say that in the asp net vs PHP battle, this can seriously make lose some points. 

Lack of proper security features- in the case of PHP, we have seen that there are two flaws in the security areas. But when it comes to, we must say it lacks some of the basic features that the rest programming languages generally provide. So, here will also lose some points in the asp net vs PHP battle.
Even in 2020, does not offer email address verification, username reminder, password reset, mobile number verification, and does not also offer proper modern password storage. 

So, now we know the cons and pros of both programming languages. If you are professional or have some knowledge of this area, you already recognized who is the actual winner.
But we will go some mile extra here instead of concluding so that beginners or anyone with an interest in these languages or an amateur person in need of a web application can know the best one rather the winner of the asp net vs PHP battle. So, let’s explore the areas that are truly meaningful when it comes to creating a web application using PHP or

Performance: ASP NET vs PHP

When it comes to checking the performance or efficiency of a framework, most people think that it depends on the chosen programming language. But it is a complete myth. We can say that the performance of a framework solely depends on the coding way. 

When it comes to announcing the best one on the basis of performance, we will announce as the winner. There are so many web pages and technologies available made by PHP that it’s hard to believe by the PHP developers. But the fact is that allows parallel programming but if we choose PHP, we will not get any support for threading. 

Market share: ASP NET vs PHP

When it comes to market share and popularity, PHP holds the top place. It has more usage popularity in comparison with There are lots of websites built with PHP and they have ranked among the top 1M siles, Top 100k sites, and Top 10K sites. If we look at, we do not get such award titles. So, we can say that in the PHP vs asp net battle, here PHP will definitely secure some scores. 

Security: ASP NET vs PHP

Security is one of the most important things that you need to consider. So, if security is the main concern, you should go for Php developers get the tools where does the security maintenance job for you. It comes with built-in security features such as SQL injection.
Php developers get the tool but they often do not care about this fact and end up by creating vulnerable apps. So, we can say that in the case of security, will get the point in the PHP vs asp net battle. 

Community support: ASP NET vs PHP

Since PHP is a free option, it has a larger community than But only being a large community does not mean it will be a quality community also. may not have a large community but its small community has highly dedicated developers and they actually offer great support. 

Cost: ASP NET vs PHP

In the PHP vs .net battle, when it comes to choosing the cost-effective option, PHP will be the winner without any doubt. PHP is an open-source option but charges the hosting fee. The fee is not high yet a free option is tempting when you have to reduce the development cost. 

In the previous sections, we have covered all the areas that are important to know before choosing the best one in the PHP vs net battle. Most of the areas declare PHP as the winner. But if you want to choose or searching for reasons to choose, we can give you some reasons to do that such as –

  • gives the freedom to work with multiple languages such as C#, .Net, C++, and so on
  • It automatically provides great security to its applications
  • Here you will get multiple .Net libraries
  • It allows threading i.e. parallel coding 
  • developers get much better to pay packages in comparison with php developers 

Lastly, we can say that based on your requirements you should choose the programming language. We have discussed all the important areas of both of these languages and now it’s your turn to define your requirements and pick the best one from this battlefield. If you are still in a dilemma to pick one, just give us a call or drop and email, we will be back to you with our best suggestions.

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

Your winning idea is super secure with our NDA

You have an idea, We have the way to make it a reality

Vyrazu Labs, a global leader in the area of robust digital product development

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2000+ successful projects with 1000+ satisfied clients

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